Julián Aguilar Estrada

Rector of the Cancun Technological University (Mexico)

Aguilar Estrada has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Veracruzana; Master of Science with specialization in Systems Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute; and a degree in Law from the Center for Advanced Studies of the Americas.
He has stood out for his intense work in the formation of generations of professionals in Cancun, since 1999, at La Salle University, Polytechnic University, University of the Caribbean and the Technological University of Cancun, excelling in the latter, his performance as Coordinator of the Administration career.
The work of Aguilar Estrada as a researcher of the Quintana Roo Council of Science and Technology is also highlighted, with which he collaborated in the publication of the research for the promotion of small and medium enterprises in the State of Quintana Roo, entitled "Strategic analysis for development of the Small and Medium Company ".
From the chair, he describes, that it is a noble, clean, and integral profession, which strives every day to be a better human being, for the good of the students, because you become his example; from the chair he went to the tourism industry and later to serve as City Councilor of Cancun, and he was very interested in professionalizing the public work, improving the different aspects of the administration that he had to attend. As well as transmit the values that are instilled from the family.
From the municipal government he endeavored to improve and rehabilitate the tourist areas of Cancun, for which he proposed the creation and strict application of the Tourism Regulations.


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