José Luis Imain

Secretary of FEDUN - National University of Tucumán, Argentina

Technical Constructor. teacher

Professional and Academic Career ILCE

Diploma in Development of Creative Thinking 2001 - 2002 National University of Tucumán - Technical Constructor.


International Telework Promotion Forum August 2010 - Present (5 Years 4 Months) Tucumán, Argentina.

Moderator in the area and role of the Universities, Legislation

Tutor and Tutor Coordinator

Program: Skills for The Life of The National University of Tucumán. March 2009 - Present (6 Years 9 Months) Tucumán, Argentina.

Coordinator of: Tutorials of Nonprofit Organizations, Educator of Interpersonal Relations, transactional analysis, trade unionism, telework, corporativism, etc.

General Head of Practical Teaching

Technical Institute of the National University of Tucumán. September 2008 - Present (7 Years 3 Months) San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina.

Systematized practical teaching guides, published narrations on teaching practice, generated use of Ecaths in all workshops, inet projects, personnel training, design of practical work of industrial application, incorporated monographs on industrial patents, telework.

Proxy, President of the Provincial Congress and Candidate for Provincial Legislator

National Movement Party. October 2006 - Present (9 Years 2 Months) Tucumán, Argentina

Responsible for Presenting before the different political powers all the initiatives of the party, presiding the provincial congress to make the decisions of the party’s positions before the reality of the Province of Tucumán, promoted the eradication of poverty, drugs, human trafficking, generated telework laws And others of benefit of the Tucuman community.


Imain S Y C. March 2006 - Present (9 Years 9 Months) Tucumán, Argentina

Consultant, professional training, dissertations, Human Resource management, design of single family homes, auto parts, technical management, Etc.

Deputy Secretary-General

Federation of Teachers of National Universities. October 2005 - Present (10 Years 2 Months) Autonomous City of Bs As, Argentina

2nd Authority in the Federation, Member of the Joint National Committee of Collective Labor Agreement, Congressmen in the General Conf. Of Work, Impeller of Improvements in the Law of Retirement and Protective Principles of University Educators.

General secretary

Teachers Guild of Researchers of The National University Of Tucumán. June 2001 - Present (14 Years 6 Months) Tucumán, Argentina

Legal representative of the guild, Congressman in fedun, Joint Representative before the University of Tucumán, Impeller of Amendments of Regulations and Resolutions on the Life of the Educator of the University of Tucumán

Laboratory Worker

Department of Structures of The Regional Faculty Tucumán De La Utn. July 1998 - October 2000 (2 Years 4 Months)

Atender Consultas De Los Laboratorios De Suelos Y Construcciones, Ordenar Bibliografías, Asesorar En Proyectos.


Chile (2015):

Participated during the Education Session, second table: "The contribution of the Chair for Peace in the formative process of the integral human being."