José Inocente Moreno Cámbara

Vice Minister of Education in charge of the Vice Ministry of Design and Verification of Educational Quality (Guatemala)

Moreno Cámbara worked as a teacher of primary education and as a professor in the areas of mathematics, physics, statistics, computers, digital electronics and sociology. He has been a teacher of mathematics, statistics, biostatistics and physics in various universities in the country.

He was president and representative of different educational organizations. He has been a thesis advisor, speaker, lecturer and moderator in various forums. He founded the Jóvenes Talentos program sponsored by the Galileo University, Banco Uno and the Ministry of Education; He was also the founder of the Research Institute of Earth Sciences and Astronomy at Galileo University.

Among the academic degrees obtained are: teacher of urban primary education; middle school teacher in mathematics and physics, technician in digital electronics; University technician in Optometry, graduate in Mathematics and Physics Education; graduated in Optometry, Master in Astronomy and Doctor in Astronomy. He also completed undergraduate studies in Legal and Social Sciences, and Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

In sport she was a member of the Badminton Departmental Selection, is Black Ribbon in Karate, Red Ribbon with Tae-Kwon-Do Degree, practitioner of the KAMI self-defense technique, Kobudo practitioner, Tai Chi practitioner, Chi practitioner Kung and Archery practitioner.

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