Javier Mestre

Director of Correspondents in Mexico


Javier Mestre is a story-seeker journalist, specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. He has experience in electronic media, print, radio and news agencies. He has worked in the area of ​​Communication Management of different NGOs and volunteering.

Since 2014, he has been the Director of Correspondents in Mexico for the Media SMEs, a corporate initiative of Social Responsibility that promotes and disseminates, through media, editorial solutions and activities, the responsible and sustainable management and action of all types of organizations.

During 2013, Mestre was a volunteer of promotion and diffusion of Aluxes Ecoparque in support to the area of ​​Environmental education. He was also a volunteer reporter for Rose Hill News - Oxford.

He holds a degree in Information Sciences, Communication, Journalism and related activities, graduated from the Center for University Studies (CEU) Cardenal Herrera.


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