Gerardo Amarilla

President of the Chamber of Deputies - Uruguay

Doctor of Law and Social Sciences

PhD in Law and Social Sciences, Master in Environmental Law, Diploma in International Legal Studies; He worked as a teacher in Constitutional Law and Environmental Legal Framework of the Faculty of Sciences (University Center of Rivera-UDELAR).

Member of the Christian Juridical Institute of Uruguay, he chairs the Directing Council of the Inter-American Federation of Christian Jurists and is a member of Advocates International.

He has written works such as: Environmental ethics in Judeo Christian foundations, Municipalities and environmental protection, A Dangerous Friend, and The drug in the heart of society.

He held positions as alternate mayor for the National Party's list 15 (2000-2005), and titular mayor of the Rivera Departmental Board (2005-2010). He was elected national representative by the Department of Rivera for the period (2010-2015).

In his first speech as president of the Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay, a position he holds today, he affirmed that the law of God is above the Republic; He also said that during his administration he will give special attention to the transparency and information of the parliamentary task to society.


Diplomatic and Parliamentary Session