Francisco Jiménez Bautista

Institute of Peace and Conflicts, University of Granada, (Spain)

Department of Social Anthropology, University Research Institute

of Peace and Conflicts, University of Granada, Spain.

Curriculum Vitae of Research and teaching of Francisco Jiménez Bautista has developed in the interdisciplinary scope that covers the area of ​​Education, the Geography and the Anthropology, in three lines of investigation: Anthropology and ecological and urban Geography; Cultural conflicts: youth, racism and migrations; Studies for peace and conflicts.

The first experiences in research of Jiménez Bautista were carried out in the Institute of Peace and Conflicts of the University of Granada, Spain, being a founding member of the Seminar on Peace and Conflicts (1997 to the present).

His start and training as a teacher began as Professor of the School of Education 'The Immaculate Conception', attached to the University of Granada (1995-001), to continue from the year 2000 in the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of Granada, Spain.

In these moments, he teaches the following subjects: in the Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology the subjects of Ecological Anthropology and Urban Anthropology. In the Degree in Geography and Territorial Planning, the subject of Anthropology.

He has taught at the Doctorate 'Peace, Conflict and Democracy' since 2003, being coordinator from 2003 to 2007, a section that has been evaluated by the ANECA, giving quality doctorate; besides three doctorates within the Department of Social Anthropology and in several Masters at present: master's degree in Culture of Peace, Conflict, Education and Human Rights; master's degree in Development Cooperation, Public Management and NGDOs; Master of Social Education and the Master of Family Mediation.

He has published in several journals indexed in the most important databases such as the ones that appear in ISI Thompson / Scopus and other ones from the Social Sciences, in topics about urban and ecological conflicts; Research for peace; cultural conflicts, racism and migrations.

At present Jiménez Bautista coordinates a Project of Excellence of the Junta de Andalucía and participates in several projects of the European Union, Ministry of Innovation and Science (R + D + i) and University of Granada, etc.

He has conducted research and stays in Toluca, Mexico, in the Otomí communities of Toluca; in Cúcuta, in the North of Santander, in Colombia, diagnosing violence; He has done field work in Loja, Ecuador, where there is a Saraguro and Shuar indigenous community.

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