Felisa Liss

Felisa Liss

Lecturer and consultant of Israel's International Leadership Institute and Ministry of Education

Specialist in Early Childhood Education, Positive Psychology and Emotional Support

Felisa Liss has a background of more than 30 years in the Ministry of Education of Israel, and has extensive experience as a lecturer, consultant, educational advisor and teacher training.

In the last decade he has dedicated himself to "Volunteer Education" and humanitarian aid at national and international level; for which she has also been invited to different countries in Latin America to give courses and workshops.

Directs courses to the volunteers of the Education Center of Children's Hospital "SHNAIDER". He works with the "International Institute of Leadership", which belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the Histadrut (General Federation of Workers of the Land of Israel), giving lectures to students from Latin America who are going to specialize in Israel.

She advises the Organization "WETZA" of Monterrey, Mexico, and has recently traveled through the Humanitarian Organization "ISRAAID" to the area where the April 16 (2016) earthquake occurred in Ecuador to support the victims.

Liss holds a master's degree in Creative Education; is a specialist in Early Childhood Education, Positive Psychology and Emotional Support.



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