Esteban Peralta Losilla

Head of the Section of support for lawyers within the Secretariat of the International Criminal Court (Spain)

Professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the University of Zaragoza since 1998; in special services since 2002. Associate counsel of the First Chamber of the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (2002-2003).

Among the academic degrees obtained by Esteban Peralta are: Degree in Law (1988) and Doctor of Law (apt cum laude, 1995) by the University of Zaragoza; Master's Degree in European Communities from the Royal Institute of European Studies (1991); Fellow in the Human Rights Directorate (1990) and in the Directorate of Legal Affairs (1997) of the Council of Europe.

He also obtained the Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Security Studies of the Western European Union (1997); Diploma from the Center for Studies and Research in International Law of the International Law Academy of The Hague (1993 session: "The risks resulting from the peaceful use of nuclear energy").

Some of its publications are: The regime for the promotion of the withdrawal of land from production. It’s fit in the Spanish legal system (chosen Problems). Zaragoza: Royal Institute of European Studies, 1992.

There is also: The foreign legal policy of Spain in aeronautical matters. Special consideration of bilateral treaties on air transport. Madrid: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1996; The Council of Europe's work on genetics ", Journal of Law and the Human Genome, nº 2 (1995), pp. 219 and ss; Territorial cross-border cooperation in a Europe of States, European Academy of Jaca 1995. Zaragoza: Royal Institute of European Studies, 1996, pp. 283 and ss; among others.


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