Elías Ariel Castillo González

President of PARLATINO. (Panama) , Co-President of the European-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly - EUROLAT

Panamanian representative Elias Castillo, is president of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino), unanimously elected for the period 2017-2018. He is the lead administrator of the construction of the permanent headquarters building of this institution, and is the first Central American to occupy the Presidency of the parliamentary body, which is dedicated to the harmonization of laws for the benefit of Latin American peoples.                                                       

In 1984, he served as municipal treasurer of the District of Panama. In 1983, he was Executive Director of Transportation. In the period 1981-1984, he served as general secretary of the Ministry of Government and Justice. In 1979, he was national director of Migration and Naturalization. In 1972, he was councilman of the District of Panama; Labor Conciliator of the Ministry of Labor in 1971; Teacher Assessor of the National Institute in 1970.

Castillo was a founding member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (DRP) in 1979. He is also a member of the National Directory (CDN) and first vice-president of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

In addition, in July of 2009, he received, the General Order Omar Torrijos Herrera from Mr. Martín Torrijos, constitutional president of the Republic of Panama. He was awarded the Medal of Congress of the Republic of Peru IN 2014, among other national and international honors.

Legislator by career, Castillo has 35 years of parliamentary experience, he was elected for seven terms, three times as president of the National Assembly, chairman of the Commissions on Foreign Affairs, Culture and Sports Education, Credentials, Ethics and Parliamentary Honor, and Public Treasury; member of the Commission on Population and Development in several legislatures. Currently, he is a representative of the Republic of Panama, period 2014-2019. 


Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Policy Session: