Dmitrii Kharakka-Zaitsev

Representative of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues - Russian Federation

Izhora Indigenous Community "Shojkula". (Russian Federation)
DMITRII KHARAKKA-ZAITSEV is Representative of the Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, Central Asia and Transcaucasia, and Co-Vice President of the Permanent Forum of the United Nations for Indigenous Issues. It belongs to the IZHORA indigenous peoples.

Dmitrii has a Doctorate in Law. He works as a practicing lawyer. He is a member of the National-Cultural Regional Autonomy Board of the Ingrian Finns and a member of the Izhora Indigenous Community Board "Shojkula". He has extensive experience in indigenous issues and interrelations with authorities at multiple levels.

Since 1995, he has been engaged in activities in the protection of national minorities and indigenous rights, the indigenous life environment, support and development of the languages and culture of indigenous peoples. He has also been leading and participating in different international and regional social projects dedicated to the support of indigenous peoples.
The Council of the Kindred People's Program decided to award the 2015 Ilmapuu (Tree of the World) Prize to Dmitrii Kharakka-Zaitsev for the preservation and development of the izhoriana culture and the protection of the izhora traditional environment.


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