Diego Alonso Marulanda Díaz

Vice-rector of the Pontifical Bolivarian University of Colombia

Doctor of Theology

Diego Alonso Marulanda Díaz is a priest of the Archdiocese of Medellin, and is pastoral vice-rector and director of the Archdiocesan Center for the New Evangelization. He has served as director of the Department of Liturgy, as well as a consultant for peace processes in the city of Medellín, and is rector of the San José de Medellín Seminary and dean of the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Humanities.

He is a philosopher and theologian graduated from the Bolivarian Pontifical University (BPU). He obtained the title of magister in Theology by the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and doctor in Theology by the UPB.

Marulanda is a national and international speaker. In May 2014 he participated in the presentation: Sapiental Theology: From the God of Concept to the God of Experience in Taipei, Taiwan,, and  at the International Conference of Catholic Studies: When the East and the West Meet, at the Catholic Academy (Fu Jen Catholic  University).

He attended the II Symposium on the Thinking of Joseph Ratzinger: Humanization and Sense of Life, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, in November 2012. On this occasion he spoke about The Anthropology of the Don in Ratzinger as an overcoming of modern anthropology.

At the International Symposium on Cross-Cultural Studies, at the Universidad Autónoma of Querétaro (November, 2010 - Mexico), Marulanda presented the topic: Jean-Luc Marion's phenomenology: a significant contribution to dialogue with revealed theology. With this exhibition, he participated in the Theological Giro, New Paths of Philosophy at the BPU, Medellín.

He published an article in an international journal entitled "Critique of the Modern Subject from Heidegger and Openness to the Problem of God" (Chile, 2011). He also wrote on the topic, "The phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion: a significant contribution to dialogue with revealed theology", for The Theological Role, New Paths of Philosophy, Bolivarian Pontifical University (2012).

Diego Marulanda is also the author of the book “Gift and Fulfillment” (Don y Plenitud); Contributions to fundamental anthropology in a phenomenological key, Editorial BPU, 2017.


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