Ciro Torres

Professor at IAG - Business School PUC-Rio, Brazil


Ciro Torres is a professor at the PUC-Rio Business School in Brazil and a lecturer at the Pontificia Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in the areas of CSR, sustainability, business ethics and governance.

He was a master in Political Science at the Fluminense Federal University (1998 - 2000); has been highlighted in the study on Corporate Social Responsibility and social balances (Management Tool) of large Brazilian companies, academic research and studies in the area of ​​companies, organizations, institutions and sustainability

He has trained large companies in the realization of their social balances, in their evidence of materiality and sustainability reports, and in the improvement of their social and environmental practices.

He participated in the analysis of social and environmental indicators in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. In recent years he has developed social dialogue programs and programs related to EIA / RIMA (Environmental Impact Study and Report).


Panama (2017) :