Carlos Edwar Osorio

Deputy of Colombia


Lawyer of the University of Caldas. During his stay as a student of the Faculty of Law, he was elected student representative of the faculty before the CEUC - Student Council of the University of Caldas-

In 1998 he began his first postgraduate course at the Catholic University of Colombia in Administrative and Constitutional Law. In January of 1999 he traveled to Spain and Portugal to advance superior studies in the University of Salamanca. Upon his return, he began his studies in Probate Law. In 2001 he advanced postgraduate studies in Tax and Customs Law, in 2003 in Criminal Law and Forensic Sciences and in 2004 in Commercial and Financial Law.
Head of the Legal Department of the Government of Tolima and commissioner , Director of Revenue of the Department of Treasury of Tolima, Secretary of the Interior and Secretary General of the same territorial entity.
At the Mayor's Office in Ibagué, he held the position of Legal Secretary and Secretary of Government; transitory Secretary of Transit and Transport, Secretary of Property and Mayor commissioned on several occasions.
Deputy of the Department of Tolima, President of the Departmental Assembly.
Teacher of the Unified National Corporation CUN and part of the law faculty of the Cooperative University of Colombia.


CUMIPAZ - Chile (2015):

He spoke during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session in the Third Panel - Theme: "Dialogue and negotiation as fundamental tools to strengthen peace and sustainable development."