Avner Adin

Professor and President of the Israeli Water Association, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers

Professor Emeritus Avner Adin, engineer, scientist, entrepreneur and visionary, has been doing research and implementation of solutions for the environment in general and in water specifically for over 40 years. Prof. Avner Adin, one of the first senior specialists in the "Environmental Protection Service", that later evolved to be today's "Ministry of Environmental Protection", former member of the Advisory Council to the Minister of Environment, serves as Lunenfeld-Kunin Chair Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences and Head of Water Treatment Technology Laboratory, Dept. Soil and Water Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, Israel.

Adin is Involved in teaching, research and consulting in the field of water treatment and wastewater reuse. He acquired his education in environmental engineering in the Technion-IIT and engineering practice in the IDF, Tahal and the civil service. Founder and first president of the Israeli Water Association, representing Israel in IWA and WEF. Chair of Israel's Drinking Water Standards Committee and Central Committee on Water of the Israeli Institute of Standards. Member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, former management member of the International Water Association (IWA) and granted honorary awards and prizes from organizations and universities around the globe.


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