Ash Pachauri

Senior Mentor, POP Movement, INC (USA)

ASH PACHAURI is president of the Center for Human Progress and India. Representative in the country of social impact (SI) based in the United States (INDIA).
At the Center for Human Progress, Pachauri directs youth and community initiatives for behavioral change, health education, policies and the promotion of public health promotion, human rights and sustainable development goals.
With a Ph.D. in Decision Behavior and a Masters in International Administration (completed with academic excellence and honors), Pachauri worked with McKinsey & Company before pursuing a career in the field of social development.
His experience in the field of public health and human rights, the exchange of knowledge and technology arises from a series of initiatives, including those of the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, IPPF and interventions funded by the CDC In the USA.
He also developed the first electronic platform to support the exchange of programmatic and community knowledge for the Avahan program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India.
He has been recognized by UNAIDS for his dedication to the fight against AIDS through its "Portraits of Commitment". Pachauri is in the Boards and advisory groups of several organizations, especially the World Forum on Sustainable Development.


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