Andrés Bautista

Andrés Emmanuel Bautista

Deputy of Dominican Republic

Bachelor of Business Administration

He was born on December 25, 1978, in the Municipality of Moca, Province Espaillat. Son of  Andrés Bautista García and Nuris del Carmen Taveras de Bautista.  Graduate in Business Administration from the Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago (UTESA).

In 2010, he obtained the Candidature for Deputy of the Republic, for the Province Espaillat, being the second most voted on, on National Level.

Currently, he is the Secretary General of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) of the Municipality of Moca.

He is a Associate and Member of Recreativo Club, Inc. of Moca, Partner of the Spanish Center of Santiago and Club Amaprosan, of Santiago, among others.

he belongs to the Permanent Commissions of work:

* Of the Armed Forces.

* Agriculture.

* Sports, Physical Education and Recreation.

* Of Youth.


Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session

He participated in the first table of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session with his conference "Integrated Social Policy, Civil Society and Private Sector for the Strengthening Human Development".