"Self-sustaining economy" - Dr. Herminio Nevárez

"Self-sustaining economy" - Dr. Herminio Nevárez


Thank you very much, and good morning to all. Many thanks to each one of you for being present, to each of the people who in one way or another have taken from their time to come here and bring valuable information for world peace, for social integration, to do something about it; I think it is something very important in the life of every human being: take an initiative, do something about it.

I am a veterinarian by profession, and I believe that life takes us through different paths, for different circumstances, and it transforms us and changes us, and it opens the door to opportunities. And each of you will have your own story, but my story is a story where... it happens to many of us.

I practiced for 12 years; In a moment of my life I found myself with long work routines: I would leave the house in the morning with the lights on the car, I would come back at night with the lights on, and I would ask: There must be something more! There has to be some other option, there has to be some other alternative, to be able to earn a living without costing us our life.

Unfortunately. I realized at that moment that I had lost something as precious as is freedom.

I believe that freedom is the most prized treasure of the human being, a treasure that... many lives have been given for freedom; it has been fought, it has been fought for it throughout the history of mankind, and today we have heard in the expressions that have been voiced today, this morning, how… despite the fact that the world has evolved technologically, economically, so many changes that have occurred, the great inequality that exists between wealth and poverty, and in a world like today, where there is a wide range of opportunities.

But it happens to us as the writer of "The 7 Habits ..." (by Stephen R. Covey) says, that what humans are facing at this time is that they are trying to generate income with the way of thinking of the century XX, and it’s not possible; He says it's like playing tennis with a golf club, he says you can’t win the game of tennis by playing with a golf club. Similarly, the twentieth-century thinking is not designed for this new economy and for this time.

I began to look for options, to look for alternatives, because although I loved my profession, it was not giving me the level of freedom that I wanted for my family, for my loved ones. Many times, human beings get into such long routines, that we disconnect from family life, disconnected from conjugal life and disconnect from social life (many times).

And within that search I found an opportunity that, at time, I could not understand the details, because from veterinarian (dogs, horses, and cows) to being an entrepreneur, they were two completely different things. But it was very interesting to me and I began to investigate.

I learned from my parents that when one has opportunities, one investigates and one does not keep the knowledge one has, but one begins to seek information. And I started to look for so much and so much information regarding that project that they were sharing with me, that I realized that it was a great idea, where it was possible to transform and to change the life of many people, giving the opportunity to the people in equal conditions, that they be the creators of their own income, that they would not have to depend on the government or depend on a boss or another person to determine the lifestyle they want to live; And so I could see that idea that began in 1930, which is misunderstood by many people, misunderstood by others and poorly explained by many people too... Why? Because it is a paradigm shift.

We humans, when we change the paradigm, we take root and tie ourselves to traditional things, and you have to understand that what was good in the past is not good in the present and will not be good in the future.

We are in a world where the world economy is changing very fast. Why? Because there are factors that have altered all that, and we still can’t even understand and can’t understand these changes that are occurring so quickly.

Why? Because we know that the economy is not static; The economy is changing over the years, through the centuries, through the decades; And if we transported ourselves to the 18th century, the 17th century, the agricultural economy, the landowners, the great ones who were those who owned big companies… because it was agriculture… and if we were not landowners then we had to be farmers, go to work in agriculture.

But the twentieth century arrived and that economic model changed. It changed in what is known as the Industrial Revolution, where they created great sources of employment, where employment was very good for our grandparents and our parents, that type of employment is not so good for us now; where, in this time where the economy has evolved so much, technology, and globalization of the world is a reality, that is within the reach of the whole world, we can see that many people still in Central, South America, and in many countries of the world, are at a minimum wage; and those who can (thank God) enjoy a minimum wage, because we also know that (today we have seen this exposed), that there are a large number of people who, although talented, have gifts, have the desire, they can’t even find employment. They shed pages of life everywhere, and often end up working on something completely different from what really fulfills and satisfies them. But that is the reality of life.

I believe that there are a series of freedoms that at this moment, for any child that is being born around the world, are guaranteed by the State. But there is another series of freedoms that the person has to earn with effort, decisions, with personal work, which has to do with functional freedoms.

Because a person can have the freedom to eat, but as the doctor told us today in the morning, although there is freedom to eat, how many people are suffering from hunger? That is, if there is no money to buy food for the family, that freedom is limited.

Many people may have the freedom to have a shelter for their children, for their family, but if there is no money to buy the house, that freedom is also limited. Many people may have the freedom to travel when they want to travel, but if they do not have the time and do not have the money to do so, that freedom is also limited.

Today there are a lot of opportunities, but to be able to lead many people to those opportunities you have to be willing to have an open mind to change; And for that we also need a lot of education; A lot of education and a lot of understanding that the opportunities that exist are available to many people.

I started a business project on the balcony of my house, which over the years was expanding and I began to understand the scope of this idea. I could not understand it at first, because what I was looking for in the beginning was a greater degree of freedom, freedom of time, freedom to have the income to enjoy the good things that life has with my family, but I could not enjoy them within my profession. And in the process that I was walking and advancing, I understood that that idea had great potential; But the potential had been delimited by the lack of understanding, and by the lack of knowledge of the people from the potential of that idea.

Ideas have transformed the history of the world. Through the decades, through the years, they have completely changed the world with the times, and will continue to change because they are the ideas of men and women who transform history.

And this idea began initially as a direct selling concept in the 1930s; But over the years that concept was advancing and evolving, and at the end of the 90s, due to technology, it facilitates communication with any part of the world, which facilitates us to do business with any part of the world, which facilitates the access to information to train and educate ourselves ... because today the information is available to everyone and that information is basically running at a speed so fast that the one that was good today, is already obsolete tomorrow.

And then, in that process, this idea matured, grew, until today it became a worldwide megatrend where millions of men and women have made it a reality for themselves and their families as a real option for income. And so in that beginning, I remember that I started this very simple project, I started it with a maid, a security guard, a carpenter, a mechanic, a pot filter seller, and a housemaid.

Over the years, these people, I was 'mentoring' them, I trained them, and they were acquiring the knowledge, and today they are great businessmen and women, handling organizations of hundreds of thousands of people in the world. What started small began to grow and grow into a worldwide social and economic movement, led by a team called International Networkers Team (of which I am a founder).

Through the years ... I want to share a little, no? To understand the scope, because many times we plan, and all this planning for world peace is fundamental; Planning, planning, but also implementation is fundamental, doing something about it; And when we return to our countries, when we return to our homes, to raise awareness in each person around us, in each person who participates in the Government, in each person - in one way or another - to raise awareness that we are responsible to contribute, even with as little as a grain of sand, but we can do great things together.

I believe that the unity of the world is very important, the unity of people is very important, but the world is so fragmented mentally and socially that sometimes it becomes difficult to realize that unity.

And this project which, as I said, is a very simple project, very simple, is a change in the economic model and is based on the companies from the home.

Yesterday I heard a person who met with us say that the concept of home-based businesses here in Paraguay, has taken a very strong trend, and that 70% are led by women; And then it is a concept: How do we teach a person to create their own company from their home? That is, not to give him the fish, but to teach him to fish.

And for that, although industry has time, many times we look at companies, we look at factories, but we do not look at people; We do not look at people who are in need, as a real, achievable, and viable option, so that those people, through a platform (which is the factory) that provides the service, which provides the products, which provide the logistics, which provides all the resources that those people need ...; and now all the person needs is the knowledge, interest, and dedication, to build a microenterprise from his or her own home that can provide the resources that the family needs.

And we are not talking about riches; we are talking about a family that generates a minimum income, that we can help you earn twice the minimum income, the lifestyle of that family can change. We can help you put better bread on the table in your home, through your personal effort, and through learning the business principles that allow you, through this time, through free enterprise, and what is the industry of marketing networks, to participate in an economic concept that today generates 183.7 billion in the world, where 80 million men and women are entering the industry of marketing networks, and about one million people participate in what we are going to talk about today each month.

The economic model is very simple, we know the economic model very well, traditional, where the factory, the wholesaler, the warehouses, the stores, the sales, have part of that capital, and then the consumer or the people receive those services or those products.

The economic model that changed (which is very simple), which was created with the market networks, what it did was that the factory continues to produce products and services and now the product goes directly to the people in their home, giving you the option, for those who are entrepreneurs, to create their own micro-enterprise, to create their own distribution network ..., which starts small, but eventually can be a massive distribution network, which can grow across the country and grow through the world, because this technology allows us to make person-to-person contacts around the world.

That business project that I started on the balcony of my house, today has spread to more than 100 countries in the world, where hundreds of thousands of men and women have opted to enter this type of project as an option of life, as an option that can allow a quality of life for your family completely different from what the traditional employment poses.

We know that traditional employment, which was good in the times of ... well, today we know that people who – if they were born in 1930, at that time was very good traditional employment: there was a lot of security in employment, stress of life was not as burdened as today.

But over the years that employment has been diminishing and the options that have been opening are completely different; And we know that the quality of life of traditional employment, nowadays with the minimum income, cannot give a peace and tranquility to the family. Why? Because we need resources; But the resources are not in giving them to the people, the resources are in teaching people how to earn it; And if we give them education and we give them knowledge, and we provide the tools, through a tool that we have, which is an idea that is transforming the history of hundreds of thousands of people in the world, we can do it.

The concept, the market potential, as I said: currently 183.7 trillion dollars, just 4 or 5 years ago was at 120 trillion (that is, it is growing by gigantic steps); Currently 80 million men and women entering the industry, belonging to the industry, and growing steadily in more than 150 countries in the world.

One of the things that I have observed in my 16 years of career in this business project, although I have lived the experience of seeing a social change, see a change in the family nuclei, not only economic ... Because when you give people – in a dignified way – the resources for that person to be able to go forward, and you give him the support and give them the mentoring and give them the knowledge ... Because many people lacking mentoring and support and knowledge, can enter a company and fail in any type of company.

But when you have a means of giving them knowledge, providing knowledge and providing support, and you are giving them the tool so that they and they are the builders of their own income, then what I have lived in my experience is that, not only does one person in the household get involved, the entire family nucleus is involved in a company that is born in the home; And that makes social changes that impact the new generations available.

I have been able to live the experience for 16 years, to see how the children of our entrepreneurs at a global level have been developing an awareness of entrepreneurship from a young age, an awareness of positive attitudes, attitudes where principles and values ​​have great importance, because we are the model ...; And if the model is defective because our children will also come out with defects in the model; And they are continually watching us because they want to imitate their father, they want to imitate their mother; And many times the problem that we are facing (and that I have seen through the process of developing this business project in all countries of Latin America and the world) is that many times people have the desire but the opportunity does not arise.

And I can see, over the years, how in many countries of Latin America it is so difficult to bring people to the consciousness of this type of economic model, because only the paradigm they can see, the mental maps they can see, are the mind maps provided by the twentieth century and traditional business and large business concepts; when there are microenterprises that, when we add many of them, we can establish many resources for people; Countries (which we can see here on the screen) such as the United States, China, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and many countries like Colombia, Peru, are at the forefront.

Here are the 23 countries of greater focus on this type of business concept and have gone forward; But I still see over 16 years, how many companies that want to contribute, serious companies, responsible companies, who want to contribute in the Latin American countries, are seen as a foreign company, instead of seeing them as a company that can give many people the option to live a completely different lifestyle.

How do we lead ordinary people (which have been my experience in the 16 years that I have been in this project)? My experience is how to lead an ordinary person, a person who maybe thought he had no chance in life, maybe a marginalized person ..., And sometimes it does not even have to be economically marginalized, because in the project that I have developed, I have doctors, I have engineers, I have big businessmen, I also have housekeepers and carpenters, people who came in without any financial resources. That is to say, it is a project that, in equal conditions, opens the door to everyone, so that through their talents, their gifts, their talents, and their abilities these people can use all that in their favor to build their future.

For that, then, a process of mental transformation is required; Because thinking as an employee, thinking in the traditional way, thinking without an entrepreneurial mind, you cannot succeed in business, including small businesses, even microenterprises require such entrepreneurial development and that knowledge that is indispensable for that microenterprise to succeed.

Then, over the years, I went on to observe that an educational method was needed; And that educational method, with the International Networkers Team we were creating and integrating at the core of each of our partners. And that educational method gave them the basic knowledge, of course, because we cannot give all knowledge to people; We give the basics, what for?, So that with the basics the person, through the process of experiences, through the path, through further progress and creation, they can create their own resources and can, with time, develop that entrepreneurial mentality.

The mind is a computer and we cannot ask for what the mind does not have; Our mind is like the computer, and we ask the computer for information and it gives us the information; And many people you ask the information, and they want to be entrepreneurs, they want to be successful, but the information that gives you is of its previous trajectory, is of its trajectory of all the processes of employment, of all processes of pages of life they have spread, the stress of life ...; And then many of them ask themselves: "How at 35 years of age am I a productive man or a productive woman, and they still consider me as an old person for a job?!"

How many people still, with all this that has occurred from the end of employment, reduction in jobs, how many people have cut their income on a large scale and how many people are in a life stress –unfortunately – that does not allow them to concentrate on family peace.

Because I believe that the peace of the world begins with peace in the family nucleus, everything begins in the family. If families have the resources, if the families have the education, if the families have the conscience: through the families we can change the world. But sometimes we want to change the macro without changing the micro; And I believe that everything starts by changing the micro, changing it within us: taking the initiative, personally, and extend it to more people.

So, that kind of socio-economic movement that has been created in a trajectory of 16 years, in which I am involved, I am more and more passionate, because I can see how thousands of people have transformed their life.

And this is a process of transformation. The mind is transformed when you go through a process of experiences that transform you. But if you do not go through the experiences that transform you, the mind stays in the same place for life. And unfortunately it is what has happened to many people. They enter the workplace at 20 years of age ..., and it is not that the work is bad, the work is something worthy and good, but they stay there, they do not evolve; 30, 40, 50, 60 ... until the supposed arrival ... that was very good in the 20th century for our grandparents and our parents! I remember my dad and my mom and my grandparents; they retired and reached a completely different standard of living. But today the supposed retirement, the supposed retirement, the supposed security of that job, is no more.

So I invite you today to open a new awareness to the new alternatives, to the new options, not to –close ourselves to the old paradigms, and let us open an awareness of the new paradigms.

It has been a pleasure for me to share this day with you.