Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

World Blood Donor Day: renowned altruistic work of Argentines


Within the framework of the Integral Program "Life is in the Blood" and as part of the celebration of World Blood Donor Day, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina, organized donor's week.

Through several blood drives of promotion and dissemination carried out in Buenos Aires, San Salvador de Jujuy, Tres Arroyos, Mar del Plata, Olavarria, Resistencia, Córdoba and in the city of Mendoza, GEAP recognized the work of thousands of voluntary blood donors

San Salvador de Jujuy

The GEAP in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy together with the Hemotherapy Center of the province, held a blood drive at the Plaza Central del Carmen in order to recognize the value of voluntary donors.

The activity was attended by different personalities from Ciudad del Carmen, representatives of the Regional Center for Hemotherapy, students from the Kindergarten School of Carrillo and more than 36 inhabitants of the area, during the activity, the Hemotherapy Center recognized the work altruistic of the usual donors.

Tres Arroyos

In the center of the city of Tres Arroyos, the Activists for Peace promoted a blood donation campaign in order to desensitize the population about the importance of donating blood and inviting them to the day that would take place on June 14.

Along with the hemotherapy service of the Ignacio Pirovano Hospital, the race for life began, where citizens gave their contribution of life. The head of the service, Alexis Pogorzelsky and the technical supervisor, Lucia Palma, attended the event.

Mar del Plata y Olavarría

In Mar del Plata and Olavarria, the GEAP volunteers toured the streets of the cities to make known to the inhabitants the importance that this voluntary and altruistic work has for society, and invite them to the days of June 28 and 29.

With a promotion through the media and the distribution of informative brochures, the Activists for Peace of Resistencia, Chaco, highlighted the importance of volunteer donors with a day at the Hearing Therapy Center of Perrando Hospital.

The campaign was attended by the director of the Haemotherapy Center, Elsa Elvira Traskauka, the Maria Lubary technique, and 25 volunteer donors, who were honored during the activity.


Volunteers of the GEAP in Córdoba, under the theme of the 2016 campaign proposed by the WHO: "Blood connects us all", located in the central square San Martin invited passers-by to the blood donation campaign to be carried out on June 14 and 15.

The community joined the homage, which resulted in 105 effective units, also, the legislator of Union for Cordoba, Dardo Iturria, and Dr. Pedro Santander, shared life, donating blood.

Health institutions recognize initiative of Dr. William Soto Santiago

The tents installed in the central square San Martín of the city of Córdoba, was the place where the Activists for Peace carried out a blood drive, where they celebrated together with the usual donors their day.

The activity was supported by the department of the Provincial Blood System, the Central Blood Bank of the Province, the Municipal Hemocenter, the Central Blood Bank Foundation, the Blood Products Laboratory of the UNC and references of the Community Medical Program (PMC).

For his part, Guillermo Rodríguez received from the Minister of Health of the province of Córdoba, Dr. Fortuna Francisco, a recognition for the executive president of GEAP, Dr. William Soto Santiago, for the work he does in favor of the human family.

Attending the ceremony were the Provincial Health Secretary, Diego Cardozo; the Secretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, Marcela Miravet; the Secretary of Health of the municipality, Gabriel Acevedo, and the Undersecretary of Municipal Hospital Care, Pablo Igarazabal.

Walter Moyano, Deputy Director of Hemocentro; the director of the Hospital Transito Caceres de Allende, Antonio Caravello, Hugo Moreno, deputy director of the municipal administration sub-directorate; and the head in charge of the Provincial Blood System, Gustavo Visintin, in the company of Dr. Pedro Santander.


In the city of Mendoza, more than 104 people, including Activists for Peace and voluntary donors, marched from Plaza Independencia to the Regional Center for Hemotherapy (CRH).

During the walk that celebrated World Blood Donor Day, the inhabitants of the area were invited to the campaign that was held on June 14 at the Regional Hemotherapy Center (CRH).

For his part, the director of the CRH, Pedro Ruiz, the coordinator of the area of hemodynamics, Alejandra Civit and Dr. Rodrigo David, recognized the altruistic action carried out by voluntary donors and invited the community to join.

Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, on June 14, the GEAP volunteers, together with the Hospital Posadas, developed a blood drive at the hospital's Hemotherapy Center, under the WHO's motto: "Blood connects us all" .

The invitation was extended to students, doctors and the general public, and was attended by the hospital's promotion manager, Gisela Marcos and the well-known Argentinean actor Daniel Dibiase.


The celebration ended in Olavarria with a bike ride, a show of puppets and mimes; event organized by the GEAP and the Municipal Hospital "Dr. Hector M. Cura", cultural and sports activity that was carried out with the aim of sharing and spending a moment with the family.

The race, which started from the Firefighter Monument, located in Colón and Brown to the Helios Eseverri Park, brought together 200 athletes who pedaled in honor of all those who with their solidarity action save the lives of other people.

With an effective promotion made by GEAP volunteers and the media, more than 232 voluntary donors from all over the country participated to continue sharing life, donating blood.