Venezuelans carry out marathons in defense of Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuelans carry out marathons in defense of Mother Earth


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Venezuela celebrated the World Earth Day with various activities in the eastern part of the country and the Guayana Region.

The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth visited different educational institutions, parks, plazas and communities to socialize the Proclamation of Constitution of Rights of the Children of Mother Earth.

Hundreds of students received awareness talks about Mother Earth’s care and conservation, and different ecological institutions participated in this celebration, which ran from April 17-22.

Activities carried out in the eastern part of the country and the Guayana Region

At the Jose Francisco Bermudez plaza in the city of Cariaco, state of Sucre, students and environmentalists spoke about the care, use, conservation and ecological cycle of Mother Earth. Municipal and academic authorities of the town attended the event.

For her part, Analseli Salazar developed the subject: “Natural resources, water.” Likewise, the director of the Ministry of Environment, Gilberto Ruiz, spoke on several environmental issues. Finally, the Proclamation of the Rights of Mother Earth was read.

The cultural participation was in charge of Danzas Ribero, the group Taparitas de Cariaco and the school Fe Galerón Lay, who presented dances, plays and tenths dedicated to Mother Earth.


In Cumana, Sucre state capital, the GEAP celebrated World Earth Day in Ayacucho Park. This event was carried out in coordination with other ecological institutions.

Different representatives of educational, ecological and media institutions supported the marathon. Angel Rojas, member of the Club of Grandparents of the urbanization Brazil, interpreted a theme dedicated to Cumaná. For his part, the independent artist Juan Acuña recited a poem to Mother Earth.

Guardians and citizens united in support of Mother Earth.
As a contribution to the preservation of species, the director of Mission Tree, Carmen Millan, and Victor Acosta installed an information module where they revealed the diversity of native plants that exist in the eastern region.

To conclude, Alberta Alvarez, Coordinator of Environmental Education of the Sucre State Education Department, was in charge of reading the Proclamation of Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth. In addition, she invited the attendees to support this initiative.



More than 80 people representing all the institutions that make life in the municipality, gathered in Plaza Bolívar de Yaguaraparo to celebrate World Earth Day with folk dances, poetry, dances, plays and songs.

The event ended with the reading of the Proclamation by the president of the Foundation Fundaecoambiental, Getulio Mendez.


Flora and Thorny personified in an educational institution creating awareness.
In Bermudez municipality of the city of Carupano, the celebration took place on the Terraces of the Universidad de Oriente with the presence of students, government, community and environmentalist institutions. The attendees supported the proposal for the rights of Mother Earth presented by the GEAP with their signatures.

A walk, sports, recreational and cultural activities, were part of the celebration, also, the artists of the community interpreted songs to Mother Earth.

Región Guayana

On April 26, at a session of the Municipal Council of Padre Pedro Chien of the Bolivar State, the Proclamation of Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth was read, before members of this institution, representatives of the Mayor's Office, teachers, students, media and the general public.

The event began with the projection of institutional videos of the GEAP, followed by the presentation of a play and the socialization of the Proclamation.

During her participation the rector of the Universidad Experimental Libertador (UPEL), Neida Victorino, said:

«I congratulate you because you do volunteer work… I invite you to establish a free chair on Culture of Peace here in El Palmar, we are willing to open that chair».

Finally, the mayor Sol Rubinetti invited all those present to sign in support of the environmental proposal.



access_time Saturday, April 22, 2017