Venezuela | Guardians warn about ocean and river pollutionGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuela | Guardians warn about ocean and river pollution


Through awareness talks, more than 700 Guardians for the Peace of the Mother Earth in Venezuela warned the public about the importance of preventing the pollution of the oceans and rivers, produced by the garbage that is thrown in these natural spaces.

This work was carried out during the celebration of International Coastal Cleanup Day, as part of the Children of Mother Earth Program.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) participated in the clean-up activities in coordination with environmental organizations, government agencies, public and private companies, the Bolivarian National Guard, civil society, among others.

More than 1400 people were sensitized, as well, volunteers from the different cities of the country made clean-up days in which they collected more than 1.3 tons of marine garbage.

playa sonrisa
Activists in coordination with the Foundation for the Defense of Nature (Fudena), visited Playa Blanca and Playa Sonrisa in Puerto Cabello municipality

200 peace activists from the Carabobo state, in coordination with the Foundation for the Defense of Nature (Fudena), visited Playa Blanca and Playa Sonrisa in Puerto Cabello municipality, where 325 users were made aware of the care of the oceans, and made a day of cleaning by collecting large amounts of solid waste.

Plastic, glass, shoes and iron tubes were some of the debris found in the 3 km of travel. The volunteers managed to fill 65 bags with a total of 663 kg of garbage.



The plains

130 volunteers from the Portuguese state toured the recreational park Los Arroyos, where they accumulated 520 kg of garbage. The waste was separated according to the international standards of recycling, and the Mayor of the municipality Agua Blanca was responsible for collecting them.

The day had the support of the sports adviser and assistant mayor, Cesar Pacheco, who thanked the GEAP for the placement of 5 containers for garbage and posters that call on citizens to take care of Mother Earth.


In the east of the country, 338 guardians worked together with the La Tortuga Foundation. Cleaning days were held at Pepe Beach, Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state; in Guanare Valley, Puerto Píritu; Cangrejo Beach in Dairies and the beaches Los Bordones, Cocalitos, La Chica and Saucedo, in Sucre state.

Raising awareness of beach users in Estado Vargas

Capital Region

60 volunteers from the GEAP in the Capital District visited the beaches of Camurí Chico in the state of Vargas, where they gave awareness talks to 925 people. They also cleaned the coast where they collected a large amount of solid waste.


On the Caroní River, the GEAP together with the Ministry of Popular Power for Eco-socialism and Water (MINEA), the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), the National Electric Corporation Corpoelec), Recycling Companies, and Environmental Services of the Orinoco joined to clean the Valle Lindo sector, in addition, planted 20 trees of Araguaney.

Los Ande Region

Volunteers from Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo toured Playa Palmarito to clean their areas in order to reduce the amount of solid waste that pollutes the waterways and to emphasize in the community the need to take care of these recreational spaces. The event was supported by the Mayor's Office Tulio Febres Cordero.


With the aim of protecting the Dos Cerrito Reservoir, which supplies 70% of the larenses communities with drinking water, the guardians of this area carried out a cleaning day, where they collected 70 kg of solid waste.

The municipality of Morán municipality supported the activity that culminated with the planting of 40 plants (Apamate, Caoba, Samán Negro, Samán Margariteño) and 5000 accoutrements.



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