Tribute and awareness during World Blood Donor Day in ColombiaGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Tribute and awareness during World Blood Donor Day in Colombia


World Blood Donor Day

In order to cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) celebrated World Blood Donor Day in the Republic of Colombia on June 14..

The purpose of this celebration is to thank voluntary blood donors for their valuable contribution and sensitize all citizens about the vital importance that society has to donate blood regularly.

In 13 cities, of 12 departments of the country, different events were held to recognize the altruistic act of hundreds of people when donating blood; since a single donation can save several lives.

For your valuable action

Gotito encouraged the students and director of the UPTC to donate the Sap of Life in Tunja
In Tunja the celebration began with a caravan through different sectors of the city. Then, the donors were honored with cultural activities.

The event closed with the senior group of San Antonio and Santa Lucía, and their youth promotion group, the Tuna of Santo Tomás University and the Orchestra of the First Brigade of the National Army.

In the department of Huila, the usual donors, the medical staff of the blood bank, the Activists for Peace and other attendees enjoyed an afternoon full of folklore from Huila with rajaleñas, dances and theater.

The Erasmo Meoz Hospital in Cúcuta joined the festival and the recognition of the usual donors, where the GEAP participated as an institution that promotes voluntary blood donation.

In Cali, the tribute was made through musical presentations and plays where they explained to the participants everything related to myths, as well as the advantages of voluntary blood donation, in order to sensitize them to perform this important altruistic act.

Blood Drives


For the first time the representative to the House Humphrey Roa, contributed 450 ml of blood to save lives.
In Bogotá, the event focused on the organization of a blood drive, preceded by a massive parade held between Carrera 7ª with Calle 13 and Plaza de Bolívar in the capital city.

Afterwards, the event was opened, where the blood banks, accompanied by the District Health Department, thanked the donors for this valuable action.

The GEAP prepared a blood drive in the Congress of the Republic, with the Mayor of Bogota.

The general secretary of the Congress, Gregorio Eljach Pacheco; Senators Humphrey Roa Sarmiento and Jorge Eliécer Prieto, among other representatives, supported this kind act. The closure was in charge of the GEAP Symphony Orchestra in Colombia.

Solidarity culture

In Cali, music vibrated with the DNA of the people who came to donate blood
With the participation of more than 400 Activists for Peace, activities were carried out in different regions of the country, in plazas, companies, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, blood banks and cathedrals, resulting in a total of 740 effective units of blood.

People who donated for the first time expressed their satisfaction in performing this altruistic act, such as student Vanessa Quintero, who said that her motivation is to help other people.

The celebration of World Blood Donor Day and blood drives are part of the actions established in the Integral Program: Life is in the Blood.

This project is developed by the GEAP in more than 20 countries, with the aim of creating a culture of voluntary, altruistic and habitual donation of safe blood, which allows supplying this vital liquid tissue to health institutions of the country


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