Third Blood Drive: “Life is in the Blood” was successfully accomplished in the Dominican RepublicGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Third Blood Drive: “Life is in the Blood” was successfully accomplished in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

During the month of April 2014, the Third Voluntary Blood Drive: “Life is in the Blood” was held by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

Volunteers and activists from National District and Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic joined this international drive the 8th and 9th of the past month under the Dominican coordination of the Global Embassy, in conjunction with the Vice-Rector of Extension from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Primate of the Americas, and the Dominican Red Cross.

The event took place at the terrace of the Library Pedro Mir in the National District, of the above-mentioned University; and in Santiago de los Caballeros, at the headquarters of the Dominican Red Cross of the city.

The event counted with the support of dozens of students, employees of the university and general public, who were motivated and identified with the objectives of the campaign, who came by to effectuate the donation of this vital fluid, for a total of 285 donors registered in both cities and 61 effective units.

During the donation activity videos, songs and testimonies of previous drives were presented in order to motivate the students and general public. In the same way, volunteers and activists from the Global Embassy invited people that were close to the surroundings of the collection centers to become part of this solidarity act creating awareness in those who approached to learn about the campaign goal.