Responsible consumption: Everyone, start saving fresh water!Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Responsible consumption: Everyone, start saving fresh water!


Volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Paraguay visited the cities of Greater Asunción, Encarnación and Alto Paraná, with the aim of giving awareness talks in the context of the celebration of World Water Day (March 22).

The mobilization focused on the most populated neighborhoods and educational institutions under the topic: “The good use and conservation of fresh water as an essential element of sustainable development.”

Through short expositions, the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth called upon the community to make a responsible consumption: Everyone, start saving fresh water!

Likewise, monitor water waste and how we can reduce and reuse up to 80% of the water that is wasted in homes, offices, industries, agriculture, and that it flows back into nature contaminating the environment and losing valuable nutrients.

Greater Asuncion

The Activists moved to Greater Asunción, attending the Nihon Gakko and Dr. Juan J. Soler schools, where they shared information on initial formation and classroom by classroom, to approximately 2,500 people, among students, professors and parents present.

They also gave handcrafts made from recycled materials containing a list of actions for the conservation and rational use of water, using the community radio installed at Nihon Gakko School, thus sharing the information to the entire student community.


A tour of the most popular neighborhoods was made in the city of Encarnacion: Bella Vista, San Isidro and Pacu Cua, reaching a total of 130 houses, where the families received an awareness talk about the use of fresh water.

In this way, people were made aware that water promotes well-being and inclusive growth, and has a positive impact on the lives of billions of people, by touching issues that affect food and energy security, human health and the environment.

Departamento de Alto Parana

The Santa Monica school in the city of Minga Guazú and the Moisés Bertoni School in Ciudad Presidente Franco were two of the places that opened their doors to the Activists for Peace, developing the awareness works to more than 700 students for the care of water.

The teachings highlighted that approximately 71% of the land surface is covered with water, but only about 2% is drinking water (fresh), and therefore it must be preserved and taken care of.

The GEAP participates in these activities under the International Program Children of Mother Earth, which was conceived with the purpose of providing solutions and promoting citizen participation in actions for a sustainable development and future, which guarantee the continuity of human life in harmony with our Mother Earth



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