Provinces of Argentina united to give life in the 6th International Blood Donation Marathon “Life is in the Blood” Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Provinces of Argentina united to give life in the 6th International Blood Donation Marathon “Life is in the Blood”


With informative brochures, banners, parades, costumes and previous marathons of awareness about the importance of donating blood, the volunteers of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in the provinces of Argentina: Azul, Buenos Aires, Chaco and Mendoza started the 6th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, developed during the month of September of 2015, where 313 Argentineans voluntarily donated blood to help stock the health centers of this vital liquid. 

Argentina, since 1983 under the National Law of Blood Nº 22.990 and its Regulatory Decree 375/89, promotes a National Plan of Blood (Resolution Nº 70/02) with three lines of action: habitual, informative and educative. According to statistics in Argentina, more than 4,000 transfusions are done per day, for which motive it is essential to promote the voluntary, altruist and regular blood donation, to have this resource available in the moment needed. Likewise, the Pan American Health Organization recommends that 5% of the population donates blood so that the system it is always stocked.

To cooperate in the blood collection, the GEAP carried out marathons in different provinces of Argentina, who united with the Ministerio de Salud of the nation and the Hospitals: Julio C. Perrando de Chaco, Materno Infantil “Argentino Diego” of Azul, with the collaboration of the Grupo Pami “No me olvides,” Hospital Posadas de Buenos Aires and the Centro Regional de Hemoterapia de Cuyo, in Mendoza, had great receptivity that achieved that the society gave their contribution for this important cause.

Mr. Alfredo Lorenzo, of the National Plan of blood donation of the Ministerio de Salud of the nation, thanked the initiative of the GEAP and manifested that it was necessary to continue working together to achieve that drop of blood that can save three lives. He also offered the equipment and personal that the Blood Donation Plan has to keep doing this work that benefits society.

Meanwhile, the GEAP will continue to contribute to the formation of a voluntary, altruist and regular safe blood donation culture, creating solidary bonds among the health institutions and the people with the purpose of promoting the love for life and respect for human dignity, improving the quality of life of millions of patients, having safe and stocked the blood banks.