Argentine provinces working towards a voluntary culture of blood.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Argentine provinces working towards a voluntary culture of blood.


1,075 citizens said present in the 6th. International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina, during the month of October held blood donation drives in the framework of the 6th. International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, where six provinces of the country undertook a race for the benefit of their peers with the firm intention of supplying the blood banks, reaching a total of 1,075 voluntary blood donors.


218 Argentines joined the 6th. International Marathon

On October 5 and 6, the Regional Hemotherapy Center of Mendoza received 218 inhabitants of this province, who made the decision to participate in this event in an altruistic manner, to collaborate with people who need this vital liquid. Likewise, GEAP volunteers made invitations to passers-by, who also received awareness talks about this issue that is of great importance to society.

220 voluntary donors in Chaco

The Haemotherapy Center of the Perrando Hospital in the province of Chaco, attended 220 voluntary donors; this blood drive had the support of the director of the Center, Dr. Traskauka, and with the person in charge of the Promotion of Blood, María Inés Lumbardi; who received the donors during the whole task, giving them the importance of taking this step that benefits the population.


Days that gave positive results

The Rivadavia Municipal Hall of the city of Olavarría, Buenos Aires, together with the Dr. Héctor Cura Hospital, reached the figure of 196 voluntary donors during the conference. This event was supported by the local media, who promoted the 6th. International Marathon and invited the community to be part of this charity work that helps the human family.

Anonymous heroes keep adding up

On October 15, Victorio Grigera Square in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, attended 123 volunteer donors who said: “Yes, I want to be a hero”. This blood drive was held in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Hospital Posadas. Similarly, at the Regional Hemotherapy Center of the Pablo Soria Hospital in Jujuy province, it opened its doors for three days to receive 187 volunteer blood donors.


The month of October closed successfully

In Mar del Plata, 45 people on October 23, attended the Regional Hemotherapy Center to participate in the 6th. International Marathon To conclude with the days of October, on the 31st, the Itaembé Miní community of the city of Posadas, Misiones, was the place where 86 blood donors decided to show fraternity for their peers, joining the list of Argentine anonymous heroes.