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Proposals for the strengthening of justice and universal peace

Justice Session / Paraguay

Justice and Democracy Session – Panel 1


Authorities and personalities with trajectory in the judicial field made up the first panel of the Justice and Democracy Session of CUMIPAZ 2016, with the central topic: “Efficiency of universal and national justice, as well as the recognition and respect of dignity and human rights.”

At the Legislative Palace in Paraguay, the lecturers formulated contributions during the plenary session, while focusing on the following lines of actions:

  • Strengthening the democratic character of the UN;
  • Improving the independence, autonomy, efficiency and promptness of universal and national justice;
  • The prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide and other international crimes;
  • And boost democracies as changes in paradigms.
Alliances for the promotion and defense of human dignitya
Marco Antonio Sagastume, president of the Lawyer and Notary College of Guatemala.
“Political rights is freedom and ability to act without harming others; then the economic, social and cultural rights is the value of equality; and the rights of the people with the value of solidarity.” (Listen to lecture)
Ruben Pachco Inclan, president of the Inter American Lawyers Bar, Mexico.
“Because, undoubtedly, to consider the International Criminal Court is so they do not continue committing crimes against humanity, protect humanity, try to achieve a congruence of protection for individuals and their rights; and there is no doubt that we have to do this.” (Listen to lecture)
Sonia Elizabeth Cortez de Madríz, general prosecutor of the Republic of El Salvador
“Complete and accurate disclosure is necessary, from both universal justice and the functioning of the International Criminal Court, an awareness for every country on the Rome Statute, letting them know that it is an instance with a special jurisdiction, that the crimes that the Court is going to recognize are those of great significance and that affect and impact the human race in a very direct way.” (Listen to conference)


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