Partnership signature: Building the chair for peace

Partnership signature: Building the chair for peace

Mexico | 06.03.2017
Partnership signature: Building the chair for peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Nuevo Leon, Mexico, hosted the Workshop Seminar: "Contribution of the Chair for Peace in the Formative Process of the Integral Human Being" of the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP), organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in the auditorium of the Metropolitan University of Monterrey (UMM).

With the objective of building a quality education, oriented to the development of professional competences based on universal and spiritual principles and values, respect for and promotion and protection of human rights, and sustainable development.

The event was attended by different personalities, among them Carmen Muñoz, academic director of the UMM; and Jacob Durán, coordinator of the Laboratory of Innovations and Entrepreneurship (LINE) of the University of Guadalajara.

Also present was Concepción Flores, dean of the Polytechnic University of Veracruz and magistrate of the High Court of Justice of the State of Veracruz, and Francisco Guerra, national coordinator of GEAP in Mexico.

The inauguration of the workshop began with words of welcome and presentation of the table of honor in charge of the Carmen Muñoz, academic director of the UMM, who in her participation stated:

"It is a topic that must be present throughout their faction, and in their profession, peace must be a fundamental value in their hearts and in their way of being," Muñoz concluded.

Universal principles and values

Within the development of the program, Francisco Guerra, during the presentation of the project and institutional video of the ALIUP, emphasized that education not only focuses on skills and abilities, but is based on principles and values. In this sense he commented:

"The GEAP is promoting in the universities educational program, a Chair for Peace that includes all those elements that are necessary for the integral formation of the human being," said Guerra.

Through his presentation: "Higher education in Mexico, trends and challenges, the shift to the social economy," Jacob Duran said:

"Change is in you, young people. Seek to solve problems, seek to be kind to others and seek to transform the world.”

Concepción Flores in his presentation "Basic guidelines and standards for the implementation of a chair of a culture of peace," said that men and women should focus on working and see the social epoch in which they live:

"To reach success we do not have to look for it, we have to work for it," she said.

The UMM signed an agreement with the GEAP to strengthen ties of peace.

Finally, the alliance between the two institutions was signed; By the GEAP, Francisco Guerra; And by the Metropolitan University of Monterrey, Carmen Muñoz.

Juan Carlos Huitrado Treviño, director of the Faculty of Education, concluded the Workshop Seminar of ALIUP with closing words, recognition and the taking of official photography.