The International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) is an international program promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), which aims to promote the appreciation of peace as a universal value, the development of projects, the broadcasting of experiences, the creation of a network of institutions and professionals that promote a culture of peace and human rights, as well as the implementation of the International Chair on a Culture of Peace and Universal Values in formation programs of Higher Education Institutions.

The ALIUP is made up of universities, institutes of higher education, directors, professors, state organizations, international organizations, accreditation agencies and regulation instances of higher education. Currently, the Pro Tempore Secretary of the ALIUP is led by the Magister University of Costa Rica. (See list of ALIUP Network members)

Leadership from the university is fundamental in this new era of knowledge, that is why, everyday, there are more institutions of Higher Education that join the ALIUP, because they recognize its integrating and transforming role in society, adding desires to create a change in the paradigm of Higher Education.


General Objective

Contribute to the construction of a culture of peace through quality education, oriented towards the development of professional competencies based on universal and spiritual principles and values, on the respect, promotion, and protection of human rights, and sustainable development.

Specific Objective

  1. To promote in the universities and centers of higher education the establishment of an education in values, which promotes peace in the integral human being and among nations as a good for the development of professional competences.
  2. Create and develop educational programs that promote the peaceful solution of conflicts and respect for human rights within teaching, research and extension of Higher Education.
  3. Promote among the institutions and professionals of Higher Education a network of academic, scientific and cultural exchange, to develop projects and campaigns aimed at the promotion of peace, education for sustainable development and the happiness of the human family.



  1. Institutional
  2. Professor
  3. Student
  4. University Extension
  5. Investigation