Open debate generates global governance proposals for a sustainable future. Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Open debate generates global governance proposals for a sustainable future.

Parlamentary Session / Paraguay


With the objective of constructing a space of discussion and dialogue for the development and strengthening of proposals, projects and agreements for the progress, peace and happiness of the integral human being, three work tables were carried out during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of CUMIPAZ 2016.

At the Legislative Palace in Paraguay, representatives from different governmental, political, parliamentary and diplomatic institutions form the American continent, gathered in various work tables to discuss topics related to human rights and a sustainable environment management.

Global and integrating governance for Human Rights

Congressman Andres Bautista Taveras (Dominican Republic); Congresswoman Olga Ferreira (Paraguay); national senator Homer Menacho (Bolivia) and Luis Paulino Mora, vice minister of Political Affairs (Costa Rica), created proposals in favor of the human being and Mother Earth.

This first table focused on the topic: “Towards the construction of a global and integrating alliance for Human Rights and Mother Earth”.

The authorities reached the following conclusions:

  • Prop peace at a local, regional and global level, promoting the respect for Human Rights.
  • Promote the respect and care for the environment and Mother Earth with active policies of awareness and education.
  • Reinforce cooperation, alliances and interaction among countries and a regional, continental and global level.
  • Promote, from international organizations, the respect for conventions and approved international treaties.

The conclusions were presented by Congressman Carlos Iafigliola from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

Sustainable Development and the strengthening of peace

Political leaders from different countries spoke on “Sustainable Development, beyond the 2030 UN Agenda”, during the second table of analysis and reflection.

The former president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle; United States Senator, Iris Martinez and Congressman Raul Romero Segura from Guatemala, were the lecturers.

The proposals were presented by Congressman Jose Maria Ibañez from Paraguay; among the proposals were:


  • Generate an alliance to organize seminars, encounter and forums with the objective to raise awareness in political, social, business and academic leaders to advance inclusive policies in the cultural and religious sphere.
  • Introduce public and private organizations that exist around the world to youths, and show them that it is possible to make changes in society, on the basis of ethics, compromise and responsibility for the community and the planet Earth.

    Proposals in favor of Mother Earth

The third work table presented the topic: “New approaches for the preservation and restoration of Mother Earth”, with the participation of diplomats, politicians, professors and university students.

Idalia Lechuga, representative of the Chamber of New Mexico, United States; vice Minister Irene Gallego from the Panama government and Senator Lineth Guzman from Bolivia, participated in the discussions.

Among the proposals, the authorities concluded:

  • Elaborate a framework law and promote it at an international level as a guide for indigenous people.
  • Consider the contributions that people, because of their ethnic and cultural diversity, can make in favor of preserving the environment.
  • Include in university studies, topics related to the protection and conservation of the environment.
  • Create laws in favor of Mother Earth.
  • Promote the use of alternative energy sources (solar, hydroelectric, biomass, among others), to stop the contamination produced by hydrocarbons.

The results were presented by the ambassador Julio Cesar Pineda, during the plenary session held in the Bicameral Chamber of the National Congress of Paraguay.


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