Michoacán: Headquarters of the 13th Meeting of the Children of Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Michoacán: Headquarters of the 13th Meeting of the Children of Mother Earth


In the town of Chilchota, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, the indigenous communities of Huicholes, Tlapanecos and Amuzgos met at the 13th Regional Meeting of the Children of Mother Earth, with the aim of presenting proposals for the restoration of nature 

The Meeting began with a walk that started from the Ojo de Agua area, where leaders of the indigenous peoples participated, representatives of the constitutional power of Chilchota, inhabitants of the Cañada del Lago de Patzcuaro and the national directive of the GEAP..

Víctor Saldívar and Francisco Guerra, representatives of the GEAP, spoke about the work being carried out in Mexico for the protection and restoration of the environment, and the purpose of rescuing the ancestral culture.

Eneo Hernández, national coordinator of indigenous peoples, said:

«This Meeting is not just any meeting, it is an encounter with life, we have to learn to know our culture, our identity. That is why I join the celebration of this Meeting, because of the importance it has to cultivate the culture of the towns, communities and municipalities».

meda de propuestas indigenas jovenesWork tables

The activity was organized in work tables classified by themes, which allowed dialogue on the rights of indigenous peoples and preserve the ancestral culture of the state of Michoacán. The proposals were drafted in a document and then presented in plenary.

Next, they were delivered to the GEAP representatives with the purpose of studying each one of them and implementing them in the multilateral, governmental and non-governmental spheres.

The environmental program Children of Mother Earth, which is implemented by the GEAP, is inserted in the UN World Agenda for Sustainable Development, since its objective is to protect, save and restore Mother Earth with actions aimed at the promotion of sustainable development.


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