The Lung of the Planet asks to breathe in Peace Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Lung of the Planet asks to breathe in Peace


The country with the most biodiversity on the planet celebrates Wildlife with parades, theater and puppets.

Brazil is strategically located on the equator and has the privilege of having the “lungs of the world” within its boundaries, which is the densest jungle in the world that houses one of the greatest biodiversity. Countless known plant species and others that have not yet been studied, as well as felines, rodents, birds, reptiles, and primates that make up its fauna.

Hundreds of Brazilians feel very encouraged to celebrate World Wildlife Day because of the great natural wealth they possess. But despite being a paradise full of countless treasures it also has many species that, by the hands of human beings, have been put in danger of extinction, this is why the call of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace was: “Let’s save the Wildlife of our Mother Earth”.

Within the International Program “Children of Mother Earth” of the GEAP, a social program designed by Dr. William Soto Santiago; citizen participation is promoted in actions for a sustainable future and development that guarantees the continuity of human life in harmony with Mother Earth. This is what the Guardians of Peace promoted during in the environmental parades on Thursday, March 3rd, where 1,200 people joined. 

 It was in the cities of São Paulo, Boa Vista, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Gandu, Goiania, Joinville, Juiz de Fora, Manaus, Mangaratiba, Presidente Prudente and Rio Branco that GEAP activists, governmental entities, linked to the Ministry of  Environment, green organizations and educational institutions of all levels united as one mind for the defense of Mother Earth’s Wildlife.

The celebration began with colorful parades through the streets of Brazil, which was accompanied by posters and activists’ dresses as endangered animals and plants. The modules presented in the environmental parade showed the Rights of Mother Earth, achieving to raise awareness in many spectators.

In the exhibition of endangered animals they discussed the different forms of preservation and effective environmental actions for the protection of the wildlife in each region.

The activities concluded with environmental awareness lectures, plays and in Plaza Germans Sampaio of Boa Vista children made ornamental plants for the visitors promoting love, care and respect for Mother Earth.   



access_time Thursday, March 3, 2016