With the participation of indigenous peoples from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador

With a massive participation of indigenous peoples from different regions of Mexico, and representatives of Guatemala and El Salvador, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace held the first "INTERNATIONAL ENCOUNTER OF THE CHILDREN OF THE MOTHER EARTH" at the Teotihuacan Archeological Zone in Mexico, on March 22, 2016, with the support of the Government of the State of Mexico, the State Council for the Integral Development of the Indigenous Peoples of the State of Mexico (CEDIPIEM), the Human Rights Commission, the Environmental and Organizational Consultancy, the Secretary of the Social Bureau, the Ministry of Culture and the Foundation for the Promotion of Altruism.

The main purpose of the Encounters of the Children of Mother Earth is to promote work spaces for the leaders of the Indigenous Peoples to express their cosmogonic vision of Mother Earth, like their harmonious relationship with her, and the proposals they have to promote love, care for Mother Earth and the conservation of their natural resources. These proposals are collected in work tables, coordinated by the GEAP activists, and then systematized to form part of a project that will be socialized and made known by GEAP in different national and international instances, educational centers, communities, and media.

Exchanges of knowledge and respect among the peoples

In the early hours of that morning, the Plaza del Sol was the setting for the first encounter of the leaders of several indigenous peoples from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, with a commission of international coordinators from GEAP and Dr. William Soto Santiago. After a brief exchange of words and greetings, they met at the Museum of Murals, a few meters from the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, in the historic city of Teotihuacán.

Subsequently, in a simple act of setting up the work tables, the Global Ambassador of Peace and Executive President of the GEAP, Dr. William Soto Santiago, welcomed all those present and urged them to share their knowledge and participate with enthusiasm in this activity. He was accompanied in this act by the main leaders present: by the native peoples of Guatemala, Mrs. Juanita Cabrera López, director of the International Maya League and Mrs. Ana Laynez Herrera, authority of the Ixil people; by the indigenous peoples of El Salvador, Ms. Lidia Juliana Ama, representative of the National Indigenous Coordinating Council of El Salvador; and by the indigenous peoples of Mexico, indigenous governor of the State of Mexico, Mr. Antonio González.

Work tables

The encounter continued with the formation of seven working tables, each with a specific theme related not only to the protection and care of Mother Earth but also to the harmonious interaction of human beings with her and the vision of the indigenous peoples on peace and happiness.

Table 1: For the conservation and restoration of water sources; Table 2: For the conservation and restoration of the Earth; Table 3: To counteract the effects of climate change; Table 4: For the conservation and restoration of biodiversity; Table 5: For the rescue and dissemination of ancestral cultural and musical values; Table 6: From the vision of the women of our indigenous peoples; and Table 7: To achieve the peace and integral happiness of the Children of Mother Earth.

Subsequently, each table chose a representative to present the proposals of each table and deliver them in a plenary to Dr. William Soto Santiago, who thanked the work of all those present and assured them that they will be taken to national and international organizations, which necessary for its dissemination and promotion, and also that these proposals will be part of a comprehensive education system to teach this knowledge and put them in practice.

Finally, groups of the indigenous peoples invited, made cultural manifestations that contributed a colorful, significant environment for all the personalities present; also, as part of a harmonious encounter between the Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth, the Dance of Freedom was characterized and exposed for the enjoyment of all those present, as well as to create a connection with the ancestral value that each person possesses as Sons and Daughters Of Mother Earth.


access_time Tuesday, March 22, 2016