International demonstration: Actions for the preservation of Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

International demonstration: Actions for the preservation of Mother Earth


During an international ecological deployment of the celebration of the World Environment Education Day (January 26), the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) organized the Fairs for the Peace of Mother Earth in Latin America, United States, and Spain.

Focused on an environmental education, the Fairs present demonstrative actions and creations on the practices that citizens can do to help reduce environmental impact, respect the vital cycles of Mother Earth and contribute towards her restoration.

The activities are being developed in coordination with governmental entities, environmental organizations, educational institutions, NGO and businesses in each city. The exhibition is carried out in public areas, plazas, parks and educational centers; open to all the public.

The Fair is one of the main educational collective strategies of the Integral Program Children of Mother Earth, which will be held throughout the rest of the year.

“If the states and the nations commit to have effective educational and environmental communication planes to strengthen the individual and social culture of sustainability and love for Mother Earth, in a few years we will be able to see the results of those cares, in a substantial improvement of the environment and the restoration of all the resources of our Mother Earth.” Words of William Soto Santiago, executive president of the GEAP.

feria por la paz, Bolivia


Environmental brigades

The formation of human beings with environmental responsibility, protectors of natural resources, which is one of the main objectives. Therefore, the volunteer activists, members of the Environmental Movement “The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth”, spoke of the individual and collective actions for the care and safekeeping of the equilibrium of the components and ecosystems of the Earth.

The Fair creates a space for citizens to register as new guardians, making a commitment towards the protection and restoration of the environment, and who are willing to participate in proposed environmental activities in their region.

“I love you Mother Earth”

Niña con atuendo en reciclaje

A special area is prepared for preschool and elementary school children, where the recognition of the Earth as a living being and her fundamental rights are promoted; the fundamental ethical principle of the Program Children of Mother Earth.

Applying the 5R’s

The stands or exhibitions were created with recycled materials. Also, various objects and decorations were displayed to show the different ways to apply the 5R’s (reduce, recycle, reuse, re-educate and reject). These presentations aim to demonstrate what citizens can so with solid waste and materials of little use.

The creations range from small designs made of newspaper and plastic to big creations made with wood, rubber, bottles, among other materials; various practical, decorative and useful creations for the citizens.

(See: Environmental Fairs in Bolivia January 26, 2017)



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