Health centers in Venezuela support solidarity daysGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Health centers in Venezuela support solidarity days


World Blood Donor Day

The World Health Organization (WHO), as part of the celebration of World Blood Donor Day, focused its campaign on blood donations during emergencies and on the importance of giving blood on a regular basis, an action that allows us to maintain blood banks supplied for any need.

For this reason, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Venezuela, as part of the International Campaign "Life is in the Blood" joined this celebration with awareness talks, blood drive days and cultural events.

The activities were carried out with the purpose of honoring the nation's anonymous heroes, who during the year donate the sap of life as an act of solidarity, fraternity, and kindness for their peers.

Different health centers supported the event that reached 1291 effective units. (See: List of Hospitals that supported the blood donation days)

9na maraton
Captain Ivonne Montoya and Activists initiating the 9th Blood Donation Marathon

Eastern Region

The Dr. Luis Razetti Hospital Complex in Barcelona opened its doors to receive voluntary blood donors. The drive was attended by Nidia Hernández, delegate of the Ministry of Penitentiary Service of the region.

The Activists for Peace gave talks to raise awareness among the audience about "Why is it important to donate blood”. For her part, Sheila Guerra, hemotherapist of the institution, said:


“It is necessary to implement in this country voluntary blood donation as an altruistic act”.

The youth cultural group of the GEAP presented traditional dances and the children's group Kariña Dance and the play "Chistoreta, the droplet of blood and values."

Simultaneously, an information module that allowed visitors to learn more about this topic was placed in the Social Security Dr. Domingo Guzmán Lander. The blood drive achieved a total of 192 effective blood units.

donando sangre
Volunteer Blood Donor reaffirms its commitment on World Blood Donor Day
The plains

In San Carlos, municipality of Ezequiel Zamora, on June 13, the GEAP volunteers organized a walk with the aim of highlighting the act of love of volunteer donors.

The activity counted with the participation of Richard Figueredo, head of the blood bank; Yamira Castillo, coordinator of the blood banks in the Cojedes state; hemotherapists of the blood bank Egor Nucete, nursing students and Activists for Peace. A total of 130 voluntary donors were accepted.


With a day in the blood bank of the Dr. Enrique Tejera Hospital City of Valencia, 215 effective donations were obtained thanks to the campaign carried out by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, all of them voluntary donors. In the Puerto Cabello and Morón municipalities, 38 blood units were obtained, for a total of 253 effective units in the state of Carabobo.

orquesta sencibilizando
Geap Symphony Orchestra contributing musical notes on World Blood Donor Day
The cultural participation was in charge of the GEAP: the choir of the GEAP of the Lara state, the Venezuelan music group Hemoglobina Criolla, the lyrical tenor Jonathan Evies and the singer Carlys Barrolleta.
In the facilities of the José Ángel Álamo Military Hospital, a protocol ceremony was held in honor of the anonymous heroes. The event was attended by Colonel Rafael Quevedo, director of the institution; the captain of the Corvette, Ivonne Montoya, director of the blood bank; representatives of the GEAP; and as speaker Genesis Mendoza.


Similarly, in the José de Jesús Boada Boada blood bank of the Antonio María Pineda Central Hospital, the work of 30 voluntary and regular donors was acknowledged, who received a certificate of recognition for such an important task.

At the same time, a blood drive was held where a total of 149 effective units were obtained from voluntary donors.


From June 12 to 16, the coordination of the GEAP in the state of Aragua organized 4 special days, where 59 voluntary donors were honored. This activity resulted in 269 effective units, which were distributed to the blood banks of the region.

The closing of the celebration took place in the autonomous services of the blood bank Hospital Central de Maracay, with a workshop for students and activists on the blood components and blood products.

reconocimiento por labor
Activist receiving recognition for her work
The Andes

The GEAP and the regional coordination of the Táchira state blood bank held a day in the facilities of the Athenaeum, where 70 volunteer donors were attended.

The central act was chaired by Freddy Prato, president of the Regional Health Corporation; also, Cledys Silva, regional coordinator of the blood bank, made an appearance; María Herrera, hemotherapist; and Nakary Delgado, promoter of the blood bank.



Also in attendance were postgraduate students of hemotherapy of the Central Hospital and staff of the Blood Bank of San Cristóbal. For his part, the president of Corposalud began the act expressing words of gratitude to the usual donors, who received recognition for their altruistic work.

As part of the day, GEAP volunteers gave awareness talks to more than 100 people.

Capital District

Activists for Peace of the Capital District held a drive at the Ministry of Popular Power for Health (MPPS), where they visited offices, offices, work cubicles, waiting rooms, among others.

During the tour, 350 people received the awareness talks. Of these people, 115 attended the campaign, 29 donated plasma, and 51 donated blood, for a total of 80 effective units. 220 people took part in the celebration, among them personalities from the health area.

The GEAP delivered 75 certificates to the voluntary donors and the MPPS 80. The event counted with the special participation of the symphony orchestra and the GEAP dance group of the capital region.

niños educados
Educating children so that when they are adults, they save lives.

Two drives were held by Activists for Peace in the state of Yaracuy, the first on June 13 at the Dr. Plácido Daniel Rodríguez Rivero Central Hospital in San Felipe. The activity was supported by Niria Mora, in charge of the blood bank. In this health center, eight donors were accepted.

In the city of Chivacoa, Bruzual municipality, the campaign was carried out in Tiburcio Garrido Hospital, where 50 people attended, of which 34 were effective.



On June 13, the Activists celebrated World Blood Donor Day in Medical Services Corporación Venezolana de Guayana in Puerto Ordaz, where 16 effective units were found, and on June 16 they visited the blood bank of the Gervasio Vera Custodio Hospital, in Upata, where 50 citizens donated the sap of life.



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