Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP gives educational talks for the protection of Mother Earth


To celebrate World Wildlife Day, the GEAP’s Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth in Brazil held an environmental parade in different cities of the country, in order to make citizens aware of the care And preservation of endangered animals.

On March 3, World Wildlife Day was declared by the UN in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES); on this occasion 6 of the most important cities in Brazil joined this call.

The GEAP joins this celebration to raise public awareness about the benefits of conservating the biodiversity of Mother Earth.

Boa Vista

The Activists for Peace in Boa Vista conducted the parade through the center of the capital of the state of Roraima with the support of the State Foundation for the Environment and Water Resources, with the participation of its director Rogerio Martins and other officials.

During the day, GEAP volunteers were placed at traffic lights and donated 76 fruitful plants to the drivers.


Cuiaba volunteers held an environmental parade and a Fair for the Peace of Mother Earth where they exhibited animals that are in danger of extinction of Brazilian fauna and flora, creating awareness in the citizens who visited the Orla do Porto aquarium in Cuiaba.

Federal District

Demonstrating that good habits and education change and transform the environment, the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth in Taguatinga, Federal District, carried out a sensitization action on Lake Cortado, cleaning the premises, collecting and separating the trash.

This contributes to the closer aspects of sustainable development and the well-being of human populations.


In Curitiba, the GEAP volunteers presented the International Program Children of Mother Earth to the children of the Eny Caldeira school. The students received information about the importance of wildlife preservation. The children made masks allusive to animals in danger of extinction in the state of Parana.

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro, the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth held awareness talks at the Deborah Mendes de Moraes School on environmental, wildlife and freshwater care.

São Paulo

Likewise, the children of the school Professora Ruth Gonçalves Chaves de Siqueira and GEAP volunteers celebrated this day with a parade of endangered species in Brazil and educational talks for the protection of Mother Earth.


access_time Friday, March 3, 2017