The GEAP in Ecuador promotes the application of the 5R’sGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP in Ecuador promotes the application of the 5R’s


World Environment Day

From June 2nd to the 9th, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Ecuador promoted the 5R’s of environmental values (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Reject and Reeducate) in different educational institutions and communities. This action reached 3,354 people including students, teachers and citizens in general.

Around 120 Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth gave educational talks along with the characters Flori and Thorny, who made a call of conscience to the Ecuadorians about the care of the environment.

Government entities developed several marathons to celebrate World Environment Day and motivate society to take actions for the defense and restoration of the country’s natural spaces.

charlas ambientales
exhibition of environmental values


330 students of the Unidad Educativa New Life (initial and basic level), during the activities assumed the commitment to join the Environmental Movement Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth.

In addition, the GEAP volunteers made a tour of 20 courses of the National School Juan Pío Montúfar, where more than 800 young people received the talks.


The marathon was held at the Educación Básica Alberto Cruz Murillo, where the children of the 3rd and 4th year of the basic level received recommendations that help to care for and preserve the environment.


Activists for Peace visited the Unidad Educativa Particular Américo Vespucio, where 304 students learned with the 5R’s Club about the importance of recycling, reusing, reducing, rejecting and re-educating to maintain a healthy environment.

Derechos tierra
Rights of Mother Earth Drama in Ibarra

On June 4th the Guardians presented, before more than 400 people, a dramatization where they socialized the rights of Mother Earth and environmental values in the Boulevard Park of the city of Ibarra.

Likewise, on June 5th, the Unidades Educativas Modelo and Rafael Suárez del Cantón opened their doors to receive the GEAP volunteers, who promoted the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being. This activity counted with the participation of more than 500 people including students and teachers.

This celebration culminated with a parade of torches called Environment and Peace, organized by the Provincial Department of Environment of Imbabura Zone -1, a space that allowed the GEAP to promote the preservation of the environment.

Francisco de Orellana

 On June 2nd, the Activists for Peace participated on the route of the Napo River basin, an activity programmed by the Ecuadorian Navy Corps and the Provincial Council of Francisco de Orellana.

This is an area of continuous erosion of the land that keeps the Puntilla community and the habitat of the Kichwa ethnic group in danger. In order to rescue green areas, a day of reforestation of the Chiparo tree was carried out.

On June 4th, as a prelude to the celebration, the Guardians for Peace of Mother Earth, participated in the 5K event “Running for the Environment, Yasuní our home.”

The event was attended by the Ministry of the Environment, the Ecuadorian Navy, 19 Napo Brigade, the educational institutions: Arturo Borja, Amazonas, Gamboa, Tamayo, and the general public.

desfile ambiental
Authorities and activists of Puerto Quito
Puerto Quito

With a parade through the main avenues of Puerto Quito, authorities, public and private organizations and educational institutions celebrated the World Environment Day.

The director of the Environment, Franklin Aucapiña; the head of the Buenos Aires campus, Margarita Gavilánez; and Evelin Bravo, the queen of Puerto Quito; participated in the festivity. The walk concluded in the Coliseum of the Cantonal League with artistic presentations.


More than 400 children of the Unidad Educativa Infantil Corina del Parral of the morning and evening sessions, received the educational talks along with their teachers, who made a commitment to protect Mother Earth with the application of the 5R’s.


In the Unidad Educativa Alemán, the Guardians gave talks about the 5R’s and the care of nature with the purpose of creating an environmental culture. About 150 basic education students, teachers and administrative staff participated in the marathon.



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