Exhibition of plaque "Traces to Remember" at the Congress of ParaguayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Exhibition of plaque "Traces to Remember" at the Congress of Paraguay


February 23, 2013

The Chamber of Sessions of the National Congress was the gathering stage for national and international authorities, such as the first lady of the nation, Emilia Alfaro de Franco, the Minister of Defense, María Liz García de Arnold, deputies and senators, the creator of the project "Traces to Remember" from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, William Soto, and diplomats, including Honorary Consul of Israel, Max Haber, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Germany, Claude Robert Ernet, to participate in the exhibition of the plaque of Holocaust survivor Sima Kestenberg of Gutsztein.

The project in Paraguay is being promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, the Office of the First Lady, Emilia Alfaro de Franco, who at the Congress reaffirmed her support for this initiative.

"We will make these pieces visit the universities with which we have an agreement, so that young people also get involved. We have committed ourselves to the Embassy of Peace Activists, we have signed a framework agreement for cooperation, and we will establish an inter-institutional work in favor of peace, for Human Rights, "he said.

Dr. William Soto, urged the congressmen and women to draft fair laws that seek peace, the defense of human rights, to become bastions against discrimination, hatred, and violence. He also suggested that congressmen enact laws to promote Holocaust education within the educational system to prevent denialism and thus avoid repeating a similar event.

"In you, honorable legislators, the privilege of enforcing the beautiful words of the preamble of your National Constitution has been deposited, where, after invoking God, they recognize human dignity for the purpose of securing freedom, equality and justice. Reading this, we knew that our project "Traces to Remember" fit within that supreme commandment,” he emphasized.

It is important to note that the project was declared of educational interest by the Ministry of Education and Culture, through Resolution No. 684, dated February 20, 2013.

The plaque will be displayed at the National Congress headquarters until March 21.