In Mexico: Presentation of the project "Traces to Remember" at the Congress of the State of VeracruzGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

In Mexico: Presentation of the project "Traces to Remember" at the Congress of the State of Veracruz


The project “Traces to Remember”, promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), reached the highest legislative body in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, where the proposal to work to keep the testimony of the survivors of the Holocaust of World War II was welcomed wholeheartedly. With a symbolic act commemorating the struggle for survival, the plaque was unveiled with the traces of Mr. Luis Opatowski Goloberg, Holocaust survivor, and his descendants.

Deputy Leandro Rafael García Bringas, President of the Commission of Permanent Health and Assistance of the Honorable Congress of the State of Veracruz, emphasized in his welcome message the importance of the meaning of this GEAP project *, affirming that the horrors of these genocides can occur at any time in life, but that we ourselves can prevent them, by not forgetting and spreading the history of the Holocaust.

Fernando Sánchez García, representative of the Governor of the State of Veracruz and General Director of Political and Institutional Development of the same, stressed the importance of the project "Traces to Remember", and reaffirmed the commitment of Mexico as a nation that promotes peace, international integration and the solution of problems based on the free determination of the peoples:

"It is the enormous opportunity to ratify the commitment of Veracruz, alongside Mexico, to work always for unity, for the integration of our peoples in peace, in tranquility, and doing everything that is necessary so that our people deserve opportunities to write success stories, in peace and in tranquility."

World Peace Ambassador Dr. William Soto, director of the project "Traces to Remember", stated that individuals and states have the responsibility to educate and work in all fields for the protection and respect of human rights:

"Just as it is necessary to create a legal framework to protect the rights of people, it is fundamental to promote a culture in society, where respect for differences, equality and dignity of the human being are values ​​that are part of the conscience of people. That is to say, to harmonize the normative framework of laws, with the formation of an individual and collective conscience that allows the practice of ethical and moral values, and the defense of Human Rights day to day”.

Deputy Jackeline García Hernández, President of the Commission on Human Rights and Vulnerable Groups of the Honorable Congress of the State of Veracruz, stated that peace can be achieved through justice and education, as this avoids repetition of histories in which the rights of people are made vulnerable. In addition, she made the commitment to integrate into the Congress the initiative of law of the GEAP, which proposes to include the subject of the Holocaust in basic education:

"May it become a law for our children to know this great story; because it is a great story; Not because of what happened, but because life is celebrated. Because it celebrates the lives of those who are here today, showing us that there can be a difference between what happened and between what can happen ".

Dr. Camilo Montoya Reyes, Director of the GEAP Project Council, explained that the work carried out by the Ambassador of Peace, Dr. William Soto Santiago, is based on three fundamental rights of victims that should be recognized, according to the United Nations Organization: Truth, justice and the right to reparation, which is why the current denialism of the Holocaust of World War II must be fought.

Testimony of the Holocaust survivor

Luis Opatowski Goloberg, survivor of the Holocaust, originally from Belgium, narrated that the Nazi German empire invaded Belgium without warning. From his native country he went to unknown places where he was received with blows, insults, humiliations, being separated from his family:

"After 70 years of the Holocaust, anti-Semitism in the world continues. Where does anti-Semitism come from? It comes from intolerance, lies and prejudice; If we also accept that anti-Israelism is the new form of anti-Semitism. "

Acknowledgments to the World Peace Ambassador

The Honorable Congress of the State of Veracruz, the Federation of Bar Associations, and the Associations of Lawyers of the State of Veracruz, had the opportunity to give two acknowledgments to the World Ambassador of Peace, Dr. William Soto, for his deep ideals of service to humanity and his altruistic mission in favor of peace and the human family, as well as for his transcendent projects and activities in favor of dialogue, tolerance, respect and justice for humanity.

"Understanding the actions of irrationality will prevent barbarism."

Dr. William Soto Santiago - World Peace Ambassador