The Project "Traces to Remember" was launched at the Chancellery of ParaguayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Project "Traces to Remember" was launched at the Chancellery of Paraguay


In Paraguay, the "Traces to Remember" project of the Embassy of Activists for Peace was launched in the National Chancellery, promoted by the Office of the First Lady of the Nation, the Tesape'a Paraguay Association and with the support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador José Félix Fernández.

The first plaque in this country was that of the Gusztein Kestemberg family, Holocaust survivor. Sima Kestemberg, participated during the ceremony as a witness to this historical event and on behalf of her husband Henoch Gusztein, also a survivor who passed through the ghettos and concentration camps during World War II. He thanked the Republic of Paraguay in this occasion for having welcomed those who were able to leave the concentration camps of Germany.

Dr. William Soto, Global Ambassador for the Embassy of Activists for Peace, said that the purpose of this project is to generate reflection on the fact that genocide has been constant in history, that bloody wars and massacres have occurred in every corner of the planet, which allows to assume that something like this can be repeated at any time, against any human group. He also mentioned the conflicts that Paraguay experienced when its population was decimated in an event that many historians point out as the American genocide.

In turn, Ms. Emilia Alfaro de Franco, first lady of the nation and Second Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, addressed those present, pointing out that beginning with the Government, and especially with the Office of the First Lady, the project has been taken as a challenge to reach the different points of the country. Among other points, stated that the Tesape'a Paraguay Association, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Embassy of Activists for Peace and explained that the agreement seeks as a first clause to establish an international relationship in order to strengthen projects in favor of Peace, the defense of Human Rights, as well as alternative dispute resolution.

Finally, it proceed to the unveiling of the plaque, solemn moment for the survivor and the first step in an arduous task of raising awareness about the importance of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive assumed by the institutions that promote the project in Paraguay.

The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Germany, Claude Ellner; The Honorary Consul of Israel, Max Haber; Among other national authorities, members of the accredited diplomatic corps and representatives of the Jewish community in Paraguay.