Environmental parade: For the protection of the wild flora and fauna Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Environmental parade: For the protection of the wild flora and fauna


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) celebrated World Wildlife Day in Honduras with an environmental parade, with the purpose of promoting the preservation of the wild flora and fauna of Mother Earth.

This parade, that called upon more than 500 people of different educational centers, Activists for Peace and general public, started from the Main Street of the center of the city, in which banners and representations of endangered animals and plants in were shown, in hopes of making a call to the society for the preservation of these species.

The parade ended in the acoustic conch of the central plaza, where the Activists presented different units of information, and by these means they raise consciousness on the importance of protecting wildlife to the assistants. 

A calling to society

In this way, they showed the program Children of Mother Earth, they promoted the universal recognition of Mother Earth as a living being and they presented the proposal of William Soto Santiago, executive president of the GEAP, about the Universal Proclamation of the Rights of Mother Earth. They also invited the citizens to support this international proposal by a digital signature.

 The presentation on the Environmental Movement “Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth” and the units that are part of it, permitted more than a 100 students to sign up to this group to be guardians of nature. 

Governmental Support 

Different authority entities of the country expressed their support for these initiatives in favor of the environment. The event was assisted by Héctor Torres, technical assistant of the local municipal education, who manifested that: 

“The local district completely joins the efforts the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace is embarking on a national and global level. We ask to each educational center to promote, from their institutions, the awareness of the protection and conservation of those natural resources.”

The activity also counted with the participation of Otoniel Flores, director of the Municipal Unity for the Environment, of the city of Tocoa, department of Colón. Victor Navas, director of the Institute for the Forest Conservation (IFC) stated in his speech that:

“We, as an institution, also join to the protection of the communities of the conservation and management of the natural resources. In the IFC we are working tirelessly in the protection of the micro basins, which are the principal sources of water, to combat forest fires.”

World Wildlife Day reminds society of the urgent need to combat the offenses against nature, and it brings to ovation an opportunity to celebrate its beauty and variety of the flora and fauna, as well as creating awareness about the many benefits that the conservation of these forms of life have on humanity. 



access_time Friday, March 10, 2017