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Energy connectivity: An instrument of peace in individuals

Science Session / Guatemala  |  Keynote Speeches

In the opening act the Science Session for the preservation of the life of Mother Earth and the human being of CUMIPAZ Guatemala 2018, Rollin McCraty, director of research HeartMath Institute, USA, delivered a keynote address entitled "Energy connectivity: coherence and the global field environment. "

The topic of his presentation focused on the understanding of physical, mental and emotional systems in balanced alignment with the intuitive guidance of the heart, as an instrument of peace in individuals that demonstrate, through compassionate care, the welfare of themselves, of others and of Planet Earth.

"When we have coherence, compassion and good feelings, that affects and is transmitted to others and to planet Earth," MacCraty said.


Rollin McCraty
Director of the Scientific Research Team, HeartMath Institute (USA)

He also commented that energy communication starts from the state of coherence of the heart, which radiates an electromagnetic signal to the environment that affects the nervous system of other people.

Magnetic effects of the Earth

McCraty said different studies show that Earth's magnetic fields have profound effects on the human mind, on behavior and emotions, that the Earth is like a mobile or cellular phone, where waves connect this entire magnetic field with living beings, including human beings.

"This allows the efficient flow and the use of energy and communication necessary for a cohesion and an optimal collective purpose," he emphasized.

In the same way Rollin MacCraty, indicated that the interconnection of the human being with Mother Earth is an energy that can be used in a positive way to collaborate more with the different activities of humanity.



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