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El Salvador | Commemoration of International Earth Day

El Salvador

The Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador (UTEC) with the Faculty of Social Sciences through the School of Languages and its Nahuat Indigenous Chair, organized the presentation “Joining the claim and the cry of our Mother Earth, which invites us to open our eyes, to listen to her and to obey her with our actions.”

The event was carried out in commemoration of International Earth Day “Tunantal” (our Mother Earth). The activist Rosa Castillo de Fuentes of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), was in charge of imparting the exhibition in favor of the planet Earth.

The event was held at the Auditorio de la Paz and coordinator of the Department of Castellano, Morena Magaña, was in charge. 136 students from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UTEC attended the activity.

University authorities

Likewise, university authorities made an appearance; among them, Wilfredo Marroquín, director of the School of Languages.

Also, Silvia Sandoval, professor at the of the School of Communications; the indigenous leader, Lidia Juliana Ama from Chile, representative of the José Feliciano Ama Foundation (FAMA); and the activist Isaac Rosales, who formed the table of honor along with professor Morena Magaña.

Act of gratitude

With an act of invocation and thanks to Mother Earth led by indigenous leader Lidia Ama from Chile, who expressed gratitude to the elements sun, earth, water and air, the event began.

Morena Magaña presented the objective of the activity, also called on the university students to reflect on the importance of a relationship between the human being and Mother Earth.

Environmental values

Next, the ecologist Rosa Castillo de Fuentes gave the main presentation. Then, the young people of the GEAP presented the cultural workshop “5R’s Club”; in their presentation they promoted the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being. In the same way, they invited attendees to practice environmental values.

The space generated a debate between the members of the Club and the students. After the act of invocation, the Proclamation of the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth was read, which is in harmony with the universal principles and values of human beings.

The socialization of the Proclamation allowed 41 people to assume their commitment to Mother Earth by signing the document.


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