Educative Program in Bolivia impulses altruist culture for lifeGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Educative Program in Bolivia impulses altruist culture for life


With the purpose of making aware and to educate the Bolivian citizens for the creation of an altruist and regular blood donation culture, the Communicational Education Program Life is in the Blood (PEC LIFE) started in the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Capacitación a trabajadores.
Training in donation to workers in Bolivia.

PEC LIFE is the first strategic component of the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood: Donating the sap of life”, which the GEAP develops in different countries of Latin America, United States and Spain. In Bolivia, it is currently being developed in 12 cities of the departments: Santa Cruz, La Paz, Beni, Cochabamba, Tarija, Sucre and Potosi. Thousands of people have participated in the trainings focused in the four fields of the program: Familiar, Educative, Community and Organizational.

Each field of PEC LIFE has a manual of application which includes the educative sessions, the practical activities about the importance of the blood donation and the values which this voluntary act promotes.

Concientización ciudadana
Population in Bolivia is aware of the importance of donating blood.
Familiar field

Since the month of March until September of the current year, educative sessions have been developed in 38 churches, and 374 families have been visited, with a total of 6,659 sensitized people. PEC LIFE considers that the familiar field is fundamental because builds the spinal cord of society.

Community field

In the department of Santa Cruz, the volunteers of the GEAP carried out educative sessions in neighborhood meetings, provinces and community fairs.

This field includes the different neighborhood organizational expressions which show interest and will in the reflexion and action of the local realities.

Educative field

The activities for peace visited different schools to teach about the blood donation in different educative levels. In the sessions, the positive values related to blood donation (kindness, solidarity, responsibility and fraternity) were strengthened to promote the formation of the students as promotors of the donation among their family and friends.

Charla educativa
EMAP forma en cultura de donación en las empresas.
Organizational field

The GEAP offered educative sessions in different companies, giving space to reflexion and awareness about the importance of reorienting, securing and strengthening the principles and the personal positive values of the workers, to contribute to the construction of a culture of peace, through actions like donating blood voluntarily.

Blood drives were carried out at the end of the activities. This fact increased the active and effective participation of the citizens in this altruist act.



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