In Ecuador, 2,405 effective units collected: Active participation in all the sectors of Ecuador in the 4th International Blood Drive MarathonGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

In Ecuador, 2,405 effective units collected: Active participation in all the sectors of Ecuador in the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon


Quito, Macachí, Ibarra, Santo Domingo de Tsachila, Machala and Guayaquil are the Ecuadorian cities that were added to the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon, organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), as part of their international campaign "Life is in the Blood", and along with state and private agencies were able to collect 2,045 effective blood units.

The "Plaza de Heroes" of the Quito National Police was the starting point of a series of public marathons of blood donation. The musical band of the National Police accompanied these events. Public figures such as Mrs. Gabriela Rivadeneira, President of the National Assembly from Ecuador, Mrs. Cristina Elizalde, Queen of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Freddy Moreno, Director of Human Talent of the Ecuadorian Red Cross, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of  Israel in Ecuador, Mr. Yehuda Avivi, and the puppet "Paquito" from the National Directorate of Transit of the National Police, accompanied Dr. Franklin Enriquez, coordinator of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in Ecuador during the protocol ceremony.

After donating blood, Mrs. Gabriela Rivadeneira, made a call to the solidarity of Ecuadorians to adhere to the campaign, and manifested: "We are participating because we know how important it is to contribute with a pint of our blood; doing so may mean saving the life of another human being."

Dr. Rivadeneira extended the invitation to carry out a marathon in the interior of the Assembly, which, with the collaboration of the Ecuadorian Red Cross and the Regional Board of Pichincha, also achieved an excellent result. In all these activities 837 effective units were collected.

In the city of Machachi 271 effective units were collected; and Ms. Giovanna Velazquez, wife of the Mayor and President of the Executive Board of Social Action of the Mejia Canton, Hernan Sandoval, General Manager of the Metropolitan Public Company for Water and Sanitation (EPMAPS), Michelle Fonseca, Mrs. Congeniality of Canton, Juan Carlos Rocha, Manager of the Cooperative Savings and Credit "Manantial de Oro" were also present.

The Square "Pasquel Monge" of Ibarra, received the Activists for Peace; and in collaboration with various authorities and the local media, 432 effective units were collected. Ms. Maria Dolores Morán hostess of the program "Almendras de Chocolate", participated in the animation of the marathon receiving Mr. Patricio Toaza, in representation of the Federation of Community Organizations of Imbabura, Dr. Edwin Toaquiza, Director of the program "Hablemos claro" of the Municipal Radio of Ibarra, and about 32 members of the Police Academy who supported this noble cause in a voluntary and altruist way.

Luis Paez, President of the Provincial Board of the Red Cross in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, received the GEAP to carry out the 4th Marathon in the city, where they collected 290 effective units. The Vice Mayor, Martha Rosero, was supporting this marathon with her presence, and the support of the media to cover and promote the event was attained. 

The citizens of Machala, capital of the province of El Oro in Ecuador, showed up early in the morning to the event organized in the city. The GEAP was supported by the staff of the Prefecture of the province El Oro, and thanks to the disclosure of the activity by the media, 240 units of blood were collected.   

In the Centennial Park of the city of Guayaquil, the closing of the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon took place. Authorities from the Prefecture, the National Police, the Public Health Ministry of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Red Cross in Guayas and the queens of the city assisted this event, reaching a total of 294 effective blood units.