Colombia: Neighbors of La Dorada showed solidarity towards the community in the 6th. International Blood Drive MarathonGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Colombia: Neighbors of La Dorada showed solidarity towards the community in the 6th. International Blood Drive Marathon


The headquarters of the Red Cross and the SENA, were the spaces where on July 28 and 29, 2015 in the city of La Dorada, Caldas, second livestock municipality of Colombia; the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) kicked off the 6th. International Blood Drive MarathonLife is in the Blood”, a blood drive that reached a total of 111 effective units of safe blood, and had the support of the Hemocentro del Café Cruz Roja, as well as the media RCN and Radio One.

The GEAP volunteers informed the public, previous days, the opportunity they would have to donate life to other people in the campaign that would be developed in this institution, promoting the event through banners, posters and flyers in different public spaces of the city, and in entities such as universities, companies and commercial premises; this resulted in a considerable influx of volunteer donors.

Testimonials from donors

In the SENA facilities the day was carried out in a satisfactory manner, since students and instructors in general, are voluntary and regular donors who see the act of blood donation as an expression of love towards their peers. Such is the case of Erika Maritza Moreno Molina, a student who shared her experience:

“I am an apprentice of the Human Talent Management specialization by competition, a year ago I underwent surgery; due to a large loss of blood, I was forced to transfer 2 units of blood, which were sent to La Dorada through the Heisacentro del Café de Manizales on time and they were applied to me. Definitely, it's good to donate, you do not know when you'll need it.”

Another example of solidarity, fraternity and kindness towards the people of this region, is the one of Mrs. Magola Linares, of 61 years of age, habitual donor for 7 years, who expressed after donating her blood:

“I would tell the donors to continue donating because it is a good for everyone; and to those who do not donate, who donate their blood, because one feels relieved. For example, I give my blood and I feel good, my pains are removed, and I keep well.”

After completing this day, the GEAP continues to inform Colombians about the importance of being a voluntary and regular blood donor, as well as inviting them to this 6th. International Marathon, to be recognized as heroes of this country located in the northwestern region of South America.