Colombia│ Institutes of higher education sign an alliance with the GEAP

Colombia│ Institutes of higher education sign an alliance with the GEAP

Colombia | 27.06.2018
Colombia│ Institutes of higher education sign an alliance with the GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

With the aim of promoting an education in values that promotes peace in the integral human being and among nations, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Colombia, through the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) ), signed agreements with five institutions of higher education in the country.

With the intention of joining forces and developing projects that promote an education for the sustainable development and happiness of the human family, the GEAP met with the directors of the following houses of studies:

  • Corporation of Technological Studies of the North of the Valley (COTECNOVA)

  • The Occupational Pedagogical Institute (INPO)

  • The Open and Distance University (UNAD)

  • Colombo Germana University Foundation (Unigermana)

  • Free University of Barranquilla

The universities established in the agreement to implement the programs and projects executed by the GEAP in Colombia.

Activists for the peace of Cartago, Cúcuta, Soacha, Bogotá and Barranquilla during April, May and June met in each of these regions to work for the improvement, well-being, happiness and peace of the human family and of Mother Earth, promoting the formation of the integral human being within the framework of universal principles and values.

North Technological Studies Corporation

Rector de COTECNOVA.
From left to right: Leonardo Villamil, rector of COTECNOVA; Luis Miguel Salazar, promoter of the GEAP.

On April 19, in the auditorium of the Technological Studies Corporation of the North of the Valley, the rector Leonardo Villamil; Tatiana Rebellón, academic vice-rector, members of the administrative area and teachers met with representatives of the GEAP to formalize the agreement with the ALIUP.

The document was signed by the rector Leonardo Villamil of COTECNOVA and Luis Miguel Salazar, regional promoter of the GEAP in the North of the Valley.




Occupational Pedagogical Institute

ALIUP en Cúcuta.
From left to right Mr. Wilson Orlando Serna Rector of the Occupational Pedagogical Institute (INPO) and the regional coordinator of the GEAP in Santander, Colombia, Julio Cesar Lizcano.

In Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, the regional promoter of the GEAP in Santander, Luz Mora visited on May 5, the office of Wilson Orlando Serna, rector of the Occupational Pedagogical Institute, to sign the agreement with the ALIUP, which includes developing activities through of the Children of Mother Earth International Program, the Integral Program Life is in the Blood and the Educating to Remember Program.





The Open and Distance University

UNAD firmando.
The UNAD joins the ALIUP by signing an agreement.

In Soacha, Cundinamarca, eight teachers from the Open and Distance University (UNAD) joined the ALIUP in an event that took place on May 22, at the institution's facilities.

The GEAP through the ALIUP aims to promote a network of academic, scientific and cultural exchanges between university institutions and teachers that develop projects and campaigns aimed at the promotion of peace, education for sustainable development and the happiness of the human family.



The event was attended by Carlos Márquez, coordinator of UNAD, and teachers José Martín Díaz and Jhon Carlos Ruiz, among other authorities.

During the meeting an educational session was held in the organizational field of the Communicational Education Program for the formation of a voluntary, altruistic and regular culture of safe blood (PEC VIDA), where teachers and administrative personnel participated.

Free University of Barranquilla

Rector Unilibre Barranquilla
Cooperation Agreement signed, Dr. Mauricio Molinares, Sectional Director of the Free University of Barranquilla and the GEAP.

On June 26, in the office of Mauricio Molinares, sectional rector of the Free University of Barranquilla, an act was held with the aim of signing an agreement with the ALIUP. In the same way, two teachers joined this international program.

In this academic activity that was attended by peace activists and authorities of the institution, including Lauren Pimienta Quintero, Coordinator of the Inter-Institutional Relations Office ORI Section, addressed topics such as the network of universities and programs and projects that the GEAP develops.



Colombo Germana University Foundation

firmantes del convenio
Gonzalo Renza, Cundiboyacense promoter of the GEAP; Dr. Juliana Lesmes Quintero, Rector of the Unigermana and Dr. Jefferson Durán, Director of Internationalization of the university, demonstrating the commitment of the new alliance.
In the Colombo Germana University Foundation, academic authorities and the GEAP signed an agreement with the purpose of creating a network of institutions and professionals that promote the formation of a culture of peace and the defense of human rights, through the development of programs and projects of social intervention.

Juliana Lesmes Quintero, rector of the university, asked the peace activists to carry out the programs of the GEAP at the institution.




To support the Proclamation of the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth, on May 26, the directors of the foundation allowed the installation of an information module for the student community to participate in this initiative that contributes to the preservation of the ecological and environmental balance of the planet Earth.