Cleaning the coasts: Colombians collects 29.6 tons of garbageGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Cleaning the coasts: Colombians collects 29.6 tons of garbage


In Colombia, volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) joined the celebration of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, with the aim of raising awareness in the public to join the task of caring and cleaning beaches, lakes and rivers for the health of these aquatic ecosystems.

ESP Traslado
Transfer of garbage to the Utility
The sessions were held in 21 towns with the participation of 537 Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth (environmental movement of the GEAP), 1,237 inhabitants of different communities and the support of 118 government entities, private companies, and environmental organizations, among others. See: List of personalities and institutions that participated in the conference.

The cleaning work was carried out in 16 beaches, 12 streams, 9 rivers and 1 lake. Through this action the volunteers managed to collect 29.6 tons of solid waste.


Cauca's Valley

In this region the volunteers carried out the cleanup days, and at the same time they invited the community to take care of the spaces to prevent the contamination of the waters.

Sanitation of the Bolo River

On September 15, more than 44 citizens and 21 peace activists executed the sanitation of the Bolo River in the municipality of Pradera, where more than 650 kg of garbage were collected. In addition, they carried out a renovation and restoration of green areas.


200 meters from the Sonso River

In the municipality of Guacarí, volunteers visited the Sonso River to clean its surroundings. They collected plastics, glass, cardboard, equipment, wood, cigarettes, tires, among others, collecting a total of 500 kg of garbage.

Care of the Guadalajara

With the participation of 50 people, it was possible to carry out the cleaning task in three sectors of the Guadalajara River in the municipality of Buga in the Abadía Bridge, Villa del Río and First Bridge of the Collapsed, where the participants piled 2,000 kg of plastic waste.

Likewise, the volunteers made a house-to-house tour in the neighborhoods of El Prado, Buenos Aires, La Estrella and Coincer, to sensitize the community about the care of rivers. The day ended at the Teatrino bridge, where they managed to collect 1,000 kg of garbage.

For the rescue of the Ciénaga

Santa Marta
Santa Marta being renovated by volunteers

The San Silvestre Swamp, the main water source of the city, was the place where the guardians of Mother Earth, together with the personnel of the Environmental Secretariat, the National Navy and the National Police, held the cleanup.

To help with the maintenance of the area, the GEAP volunteers delivered to the inhabitants of La Represa, two cans for solid waste, made with recyclable material.



Reduction of garbage in El Bajito

At El Bajito beach, 400 volunteers carried out the cleaning work with the support of the Municipal Government of Tumaco, the Environmental Police, the Red Cross, Civil Defense, environmental organizations and four educational institutions of the city. On this day it was possible to collect 4 tons of solid waste (plastic, wood and glass).

Atlantic Coast

181 guardians of Mother Earth in six departments collected 215 bags with garbage for a total of 2.5 tons. The pollution of the mouths of the rivers of the Colombian Atlantic Coast is due mainly to the action of tourists and business owners near the beaches.

Quebrada del Juí

In Tierra Alta, the volunteers cleaned the Juí stream with the objective of promoting the preservation of this water passage that flows into the Sinú River. The cleanup counted with the support of the Government of Córdoba and the community, who participated in the collection of half a ton of solid waste.

Cleaning of the nature reserve

To celebrate this day, activists for peace in the company of representatives of Aguas del Morrosquillo, National Parks, the Gulf Tourism Police and the Department's Environmental Police, collected more than 375 kg of solid waste in five beaches of the Tolú corridor.


45 Volunteers in Bocagrande
In Cartagena, 62 guardians came together to clean and give awareness talks on the beaches of La Boquilla and Hollywood de Bocagrande. The Environmental Police participated with its interactive bus and trained 50 children on the care of the beaches. This event was attended by the Mayor's Office, EPA, Pacaribe, the Environmental Guard and the National Navy.


Puerto Colombia

On the Atlantic Coast, the volunteers carried out the clean-up days at PradoMar and Miramar beaches, where they collected 100 kg of garbage and weeds. This event was carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the department.

Beaches of Tanganga
On the beaches of Taganga, 45 activists toured the touristiv area with different institutions of the region to clean the beaches of Genemaka, Sisiguaka, Playita, Monoguaka and Ancon. Likewise, in Ciénaga activists collected 50 bags of solid waste.
South of Colombia
In Palermo, Huila, the Guardians of Mother Earth and different institutions held the clean-up day in one of the lakes in the area. The volunteers accumulated 10 tons of garbage. In addition, they informed people about the care of these natural spaces.
Likewise, 180 volunteers from the GEAP in Pitalito, Huila, visited Charguayaco, watersheds of the mountainous area. The activity was coordinated by the Vida al Río Foundation and had the support of the National Police, the Guardians of Tourism and National Heritage, and the Autonomous Corporation of the Alto Magdalena (CAM).
On the other hand, the Empitalito home utilities company, with the support of the Integral Management Program of Rural Solid Waste, were in charge of the final disposal of 668 kg of collected waste.
The Doncello
In the gorge of La Anaya, the guardians, together with representatives of the public company of El Doncello, youth Youth Platform and the station Colombia Stereo, cleaned the edge of the water passage, where they collected half a ton of waste.
Quebrada la Melgara
In the ravine of the Melgara of Tolima, the guardians, in coordination with the Municipality, Civil Defense, Fire, Environmental Police, Environmental Ser company and the surrounding community, collected 4 tons of solid waste. The biologist of the General Secretariat of the Mayor stressed the importance of the cleanup days.
La Hormiga River
In order to clean the banks of the river La Hormiga, from the establishment Matecaña to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), 95 people gathered in the puddle of love to plan the day. The activity was supported by companies, organisms that work in favor of the environment and the National Police.


Quebrada Agua Negra

On September 17, in the city of Puerto Asís, 21 volunteers from the Peñazorá village and 19 GEAP members cleaned the Agua Negra stream. In the 2 km traveled, they managed to collect 200 kg of inorganic waste inside and outside the stream.


Coffee Axis

Quebrada los Cristales being renovated
In the Los Cristales Nature Reserve, 28 volunteers and environmental institutions joined the cleanup day. In Risaralda, Caldas, in the Cambia stream, they accumulated 50 kg of garbage. The radio station Panorama Estéreo supported the event.
Rivers of Cúcuta
The GEAP and the Environmental Police of Cúcuta came together with the purpose of informing the community about the importance of preventing pollution of the San Luis River. During the activity they gave awareness lectures to the community and collected debris, bottles and other waste that contaminate this natural space.


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