Chile: 1st National Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth highlights ancestral cultureGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Chile: 1st National Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth highlights ancestral culture


With the objective of rescuing ancestral culture and using it as an example to reconnect the human being with Mother Earth and help her restoration, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Chile, held their 1st National Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth.

The GEAP held these environmental meeting to encourage an approach with the indigenous peoples, to promote and study their ancestral knowledge, making them participants of the International Program Children of Mother Earth.


The community of Los Lagos, in the region of Los Rios, was the place where 146 representatives from different indigenous communities came together with the purpose of sharing their ancestral knowledge for the protection of Mother Earth, with the purpose of passing them to present and future generations.

Active Communities

Among the indigenous peoples that attended the Encounter, the following were present:

  1. Panguipulli
  2. La Unión
  3. Puerto Montt
  4. Concepción
  5. Nueva Imperial
  6. Santiago
  7. Ralco
  8. Copiapó

The event began with the traditional act of Rogativa. This ritual allowed the participants to thank Mother Earth and ask for her strength. Members of the Picun Mapu (North), Huilli Mapu (South), Pehuen Mapu (mountains), Lafquen Mapu (coast) communities participated in this ceremony.

Proposals generated

The proposals in favor of Mother Earth were presented through the different Lonkos (heads), Machis (in charge of ancestral rituals and medicine) and members of the Diaguita people. The activity counted with the presence of a municipal representative on behalf of the city mayor.

Subsequently, the approaches that were developed in the 11 work tables were classified by subjects. The last table presented a special request, thus forming a council with Machis and Lonkos with the objective to seek solutions to common problems within their communities.


Thank you, Mother Earth!

The GEAP scheduled a next encounter with the indigenous peoples to study each proposal and present them before international instances. Finally, the culture of the indigenous communities was present through dances, music and plays, which expressed their gratitude towards Mother Earth.

Among the lines of action of this project that is carried out by the GEAP, we find the international, national and regional encounters of the Children of Mother Earth. As well as the study, systemization and socialization of the proposals of the indigenous people for the restoration of Mother Earth.

The activists for peace in Chile have programmed other events with the indigenous people in order to fulfill that which is established in the International Program Children of Mother Earth, to ensure that there are green citizens in the nation who care for the environment.


access_time Saturday, January 7, 2017