Chiapas: Youth recognize warning signs to prevent genocideGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Chiapas: Youth recognize warning signs to prevent genocide


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, as part of the "Educating to Remember" Program, held the University Forum "The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide" in the facilities of the Municipal Auditorium of Chiapas.

The activity was carried out in conjunction with the Municipal Council of Reforma, Chiapas, with the purpose of creating a space that would allow students to learn about the consequences of intolerance, hatred, discrimination and prejudice.

The forum was attended by more than 400 young people and the special participation of Abraham Majnzer Gutfraind, Holocaust survivor, and his son Gershon Majzner. Likewise, Melvin Hernández attended on behalf of Herminio Valdez, municipal president of Reforma, and representatives of GEAP.

Instituto Tecnológico Panamericano Campus Reforma

Alarm signs

As a central axis of the forum, topics were addressed about the alarm signals that are currently identified in the nation and that can cause genocides of different kinds.

Likewise, the participants emphasized the importance of governments and social groups in decision-making and in the rejection of racism and all forms of discrimination to prevent the repetition of events such as the Holocaust or any other crime against humanity.



The power of education

Margarito Hernández, regional coordinator of the GEAP in Veracruz, mentioned that through education, young people acquire the true learning of what happened in the Second World War, with the purpose of not repeating it.

On the other hand, the survivor Abraham Majzner, in his speech, expressed the satisfaction that comes from seeing young people interested in the Holocaust issue.

"You will be my accomplices as they bring the link of history," said Majzner.

Melvin Hernández, representing the municipal president and Gustavo Madero, academic director of the Pan-American Campus Reforma Technological Institute, highlighted the development of the "Educating to Remember" Program in the state of Chiapas.


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