Celebrating World Environment DayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Celebrating World Environment Day


Children from different educational institutions celebrated the World Environment Day along with the global ambassador of Activist for Peace and the president of the Venezuelan channel ECOVISION.

Around 300 students from different educational institutions in kindergarten and elementary schools responded to the call of the Global Embassy of Activist for Peace (GEAP), and gathered in Valencia-Venezuela to celebrate the World Environment Day in a special event that featured the participation of Dr. William Soto, CEO and international director of the GEAP, and also present was Venezuelan environmentalist, Dr. Manuel Diaz, general director of environmental channel ECOVISION.

Activists for peace and the Guardians of Mother Earth instructed the children the environmental values of the 5R’s. 


With the story of Flora and Espin, two animated characters that belong to the plant kingdom, and the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth reminded the children on the importance of recognizing our Mother Earth as a living being, the elements that she is made of and her value for humans, and the continuity of the species that inhabit her.


With activities and songs they presented five special characters that make up the club of the 5R’s.  With them, the children had the opportunity to interact and learn to apply environmental values in their homes and educational environment.

The focus of this educational celebration was simple actions for recycling, awareness of reduction in consumption, examples of reusing materials, rejecting things or situations that affect the environment, and environmental reeducation to implement the values for peace and welfare of Mother Earth.

A commitment to reeducate and implement environmental values to protect Mother Earth.



Dr. Manuel Diaz, special guest in this activity, urged children to make a personal commitment as Guardians for the Peace of our Mother Earth and to take with them the values they learned and transmit the lesson learned in this activity unto others.

“In Venezuela, the children of Mother Earth, have learned to love her, to care for her and cherish her.  Our commitment is to support them”, he said.
On his behalf, the CEO of the GEAP, reminded the children that they are a new generation that has emerged in this time to love, respect and protect Mother Earth, that humans were created from her and that it is necessary to continue to work for her wellbeing so that she can gladly provide food for our children; fruits, cereals and everything we need.  
Therefore, children of Mother Earth, continue loving and caring for Mother Earth, because she is what sustains us, gives us what we need every day and it is in her where we also want to live happily with our parents, in harmony and in love,” expressed Soto.

The children sang and danced along with the directors of the Global Embassy and ECOVISION channel and ended with an environmental tour prepared by a group of young Venezuelan Activists.



access_time Friday, June 3, 2016